10+ Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins & Themes for WordPress 2018

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If readers have read our Ultimate Guide of Affiliate Marketing for WordPress, you must have a simple conception about the benefits of affiliate marketing. Well, for an affiliate marketer, to make effective affiliate marketing campaigns requires good tools. In this guide below, we will introduce you more than 15 very useful and easy-to-use affiliate marketing WordPress plugins and themes to help you maximize your revenues. 

1. Adsanity

Being an excellent WordPress ad management tool, Adsanity can be used to easily insert ad banners into your post graphics, tables, and others. For affiliate marketers, Adsanity is a good helper, allowing to your manage your affiliate campaigns directly in WordPress dashboard. 

Besides, the plugin allows you to adjust your ads or banner’s length. Even better, Adsanity can give you the performance reports in which you can easily figure out the performance of each affiliate campaign on your site. If you are not fond of Adsanity, Best Ad Management Plugins can offer you more good options.

2. ThirstyAffiliates

The second plugins we want to introduce you is ThirstyAffiliates which is regarded as one of the best WordPress affiliate link management plugins, enabling you to manage your affiliate links on your WordPress website effortlessly. Besides, ThirstyAffiliate can help you easily insert affiliate links into your blog ports, auto-insert links and cloak links. More importantly, you can view each affiliate link’s performance on your website. 

For easy link management, ThirstyAffiliate can also help you easily sort them into categories, so that you can get a straightforward way to organize and manage your network networks. 

3. OutreachPlus

Email is a popular way to make affiliate campaigns, and OutreachPlus is one of top email outreach tools for WordPress. It can help you efficiently make your affiliate email outreach campaign into practice. Installing and activating it on site, you can manage personalized email sending process automatically for higher response rate.

To make affiliate email outreach campaign easy, OutreachPlus comes with powerful features such as email tracking, intelligent follow-ups, automated replies, and so on. OutreachPlus also allows you to add more than one email account and run all email outreach campaigns in one inbox only. If you are serious to make affiliate outreach campaigns, get more backlinks and press mentions, building authority, generating traffic and connecting with other influencers, OutreachPlus is good option.

4. Google Analytics

This software is very familiar for online users, especially webmaster and marketers. Free and powerful, Google Analytics is very useful and mostly utilized by bloggers to monitor their visitors coming to their blog or site. 

For you to do affiliate marketing, you can use it to know your site inside and out, by running split tests, tracking conversions and targets, and getting true insight into how your visitors interacts with your website. Knowing your site and audience well can help your do affiliate marketing campaign with better performance. 

5. WP RSS Aggregator

The plugin is ideal for fetching the content from those affiliate networks into your WordPress site. Its add-ons are very powerful, and you can use them to start your WordPress blog with your affiliate network. WP RS Aggregator can also make automatic product fetching as fetching posts from affiliate network into your site. And then, you can effectively increase your affiliate revenues by combining these affiliate products with your original content. 

6. SEMRush

Because affiliate marketing is a more effective way to increase a stable income source, it has become a very competitive business action, even if you are working in a highly specific niche. Well, SEMRush is a good WordPress affiliate marketing tool, allowing you to observe what your rivals are doing, what their keywords using, as well as how these keywords are performing for you. For SEO practice, SEMRush is a must-have tool, and for affiliate marketers, it is a must as well. 

7. Off the Shelf

This is a WordPress theme designed for affiliate marketers. Off the Shelf comes with a large number of designing elements that can help you to make a modern design with good looking for your site with no custom coding.

An easy-to-use drag-and-drop site builder included enables you to easily create a great design instantly. For online marketers, you can feel free to use its options for setting up stunning sales page and landing pages to boost sales. 

Besides, Off the Shelf can offer your demo designs and options to make your customizations better. Being responsive as well as retina-ready, the theme can always make your site or blog look beautiful and mobile-friendly to attract more users. 

Besides rich design elements, and custom options panel, Off the Shelf is also WooCommerce ready. It means you can create online shops effortlessly. Because the theme is coded with CSS3 and HTML5, it can make your site more SEO-friendly. 

8. Divi

As a multipurpose theme for WordPress, Divi is ideal for you to create any type of websites, and online marketing websites are included. Similar to Off the Shelf, Divi is fully compatible with WooCommerce, too, meaning you can easily set up online shops with it.

Divi is a very famous product in WordPress store, designed by ElegantThemes. It is not for free, so you need think about your budget. However, being a flagship product, Divi has regular updates with many new features. 

Divi comes with powerful and easy to use Divi Builder, which includes many amazing modules to help you simply add beautiful modern features on your pages. Besides great control over your whole site, Divi also gives you some unique header options which allow you to make your header section on site unique as well. If you want, Divi can control all sections of your site and make them perfect to meet your demands. 

9. SteadyIncome

SteadyIncome is a unique WordPress them developed especially for affiliate marketers. This theme can make you have a powerful design foundation for you to promote your products and content for maximum earnings. 

Typically, SteadyIncome can provide you with all the features and options to not only promote your products but also tell your experience so as to boost affiliate revenues. Based on the clean and optimized code, your site and content will get additional advantage to receive higher rankings in search results.

Also, SteadyIncome comes with beautiful designs to help you better display your content with enhanced readability. The function of allowing your partner showcases is available, which can help develop your authority and customer trust on your brand.

What’s more, SteadyIncome is optimized for many advertising options like Google AdSense, letting you make money from your website instantly. Quick lading design, social media integration, Google Fonts, Font Icons, unlimited color options and more are standard features of the theme. So, you can customize your site designing as you like. 

10. CouponHut

As the name implies, CouponHut is a specifically designed theme for coupon as well as affiliate business. It comes with all features and options for creating a beautiful and successful website, which can compete the top-class affiliate website. Both general users and webmaster are fond of coupon sites, because lower pricing is well when buying something. Well, CouponHut can really assist you create both general and niche coupon websites, to better promote your content, products, or other partners’ products to increase earnings.

To be more specific, CouponHut includes a simple and clean layout and a drag-and-drop builder to make further customization. Besides, 1-clic demo installation, 700+ Google Fonts, over 2000 premium icons and more are available with CouponHut.

11. Doo

This WordPress theme is custom designed for coupons, marketplace as well as affiliate marketing websites. Its custom design can really offer you many possibilities to both promote your content or products and boost your earnings. Some designs of Doo are specifically created for those daily deals, affiliate marketing and agency websites. In a word, Doo can meet your needs to create the site you want and quickly get started with a beautiful website design foundation.

In terms of customization and design possibilities, Doo will never disappoint you. It always has great and easy options offered to help you fulfill your site designing in your way. There is a live customizer that assist you to change things on site and make them better than before.

Besides, Doo provides customers with rich custom options, such as search forms, product sorting options, group purchasing option, front-end submission & editing, email notifications, claim listing, and other custom options designed for increasing conversion rate. 

12. Comre

The WordPress affiliate theme is a high quality one and you can use it to promote your affiliate products as other well-designed affiliate themes for WordPress and help you get more money back.

Comre comes with a completely responsive looking design for your coupons and affiliate products. With Comre, you can also get an integrated and powerful them admin panel in which you can freely customize all sections of your site easily. 

Beisdes, Comre is SEO ready, including an built-in SEO option panel. So, you can setup all details of your website with ease and get higher rankings in search results. The theme also has some premium plugins available such as Revolution Solider and Visual Composer. These premium plugins are very useful for you to build up a modern website including custom designing with zero coding.


Now that you have understand that affiliate marketing is how useful for bloggers and other online businesses to increase earnings stably, and you have get the list of our best WordPress affiliate themes and plugins above, you can start quickly to many money from your site or blog. Also, if you have other good choices of affiliate themes or plugins for WordPress, you are very welcome to share you experience in our contribution section.

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