10 Reasons to Design Small Business Website on Wordpress

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Websites that are not appealing are not going to last too long in the ever growing graphical beauty of the digital stores. WordPress powers the back end of a website and is a free platform which assists you in designing and organising an effective website. 

Wondering Why Use WordPress for a Website? Here are 10 Reasons for Doing So:

Regular Updates 

Updates are meant to remove glitches, solve any existing problems and ensure your website is safe and secure. WordPress has always been in the good books and updated itself with the recent policies. Most CMS or Content Management System entails you to check for updates manually whereas WordPress checks all the updates for you. 

You could relax and concentrate on your growing business while the technicalities are taken care by WordPress. WordPress developers are always on their heels to better the system and secure it for its visitors and users.

Blog With Business

If you are still thinking why use WordPress for a website, then this reason will definitely change your mind. Using WordPress as your CMS not only lets you design and run a website but also lets you have a blog. The software is extremely simple and is the best platform to blog on your business; adding pages, posts, text and images can be done in minutes. 

All you need to do is set up a page on your website for the blog and have a fancy name crafted according to your business. A blog is an excellent way to stay connected to your customers and keep them updated about your new products and services. Customer’s feedbacks through blogs are important for your business; you can make necessary changes in your products and services depending on their feedback. In short your business is definite to grow if you blog in the right way.

WordPress is Search Engine Optimized

Search Engine Optimization is something which all the businesses look forward to. Having your website or page come up on the top of the searches has a great impact on business. SEO makes your website more searchable by the search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, etc. Policies of SEO change quickly and conquering it is no easy task but WordPress lets you optimize your website in a quicker way. You could see how your content ranks and where you could make it better in Yoast SEO Plugin. 

Best Companies Use WordPress

WordPress seems to be working for everyone. Its features are powerful and there are some big names that are making use of its services. MTV News, ebay Inc, Beyonce, PlayStation.Blog, BBC America, Sony Music are some of the brand names whose websites have been powered by WordPress. A good website should be visually attractive, scalable, fully serviceable and should fit in your budget; WordPress is equipped with these features and is wonderful for small businesses.  

Easy Coding 

Most small businesses tend to hire web developers who in turn build complicated websites. These websites are build in such a way that it can be managed only by them. Having one website throughout would not be a problem but if you have re-designed it then it would not be as easy.

WordPress has easy coding which can be learnt and managed by any web developer. Its simplicity is the biggest reason why it has gained popularity. Any problem can easily be fixed and if you think of re-designing then any wed developer can code it for you to have a new looking website again.

WordPress is Open Source

WordPress was started with the thought of improving the typography of writing. It is now the largest tool for blogging which is self-hosted. There are millions of people working on it every day. Developers are always contributing to the software by giving new updates, plugins and themes. This helps in keeping the system updated always. All this for no cost at all. These updates are absolutely free. 

WordPress has Come a Long Way

If you still think to why use WordPress for a website then this is one of the most effective reasons as to why you should opt for WordPress. Experience is something that everyone looks for. Reputation and stability is always checked and preferred even it is something small as a match-box. CMS has been around the block for quite a few years and is perfectly safe to use. The developers have worked these years and come up with fixes and improvised it to better its functions for easy use. 

Professionally Designed Themes

With WordPress to power your website you don’t have to worry about themes. You have a big selection of themes that you can select according to your business requirements. There are more than two thousand free themes which you can select from the official WordPress Theme Directory. If you are willing to invest a little cash then you could download them at WooThemes, Theme Forest and StudioPress.

Mobile Ready

Smartphones have already taken over and people wish to access their mails, messages and even shop online while they are moving. It is important that your website loads easily and looks good on the mobile screens. If your website doesn’t look attractive on mobile screens or work properly your customers are going to stay away to other websites. 

Almost all the WordPress themes have been made to be responsive i.e. mobile screen friendly. Dashboard of WordPress has been crafted to work on both big screens of PC’s and small screens of mobiles making your website manageable from just about anywhere.

WordPress Community

There is nothing that is completely free of errors and there could be times when you run into problems with your website. WordPress has become so popular that there is a community that you can be a part of and be updated of new ideas and look for answers to problems if any. WordPress Forum is there if you wish to individually share your ideas and WordCamp Events is where you could connect with people all over the world.  

As a small business owner you would have complete control over your website with WordPress, giving you the best reason to why use WordPress for a website.

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