Top 10 WordPress Tables of Contents for Beginners

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This guide is to specifically introduce 10 premium tables of contents for your WordPress websites. What is WordPress table of Contents? It is a very useful tool to help webmaster present information pieces efficiently in blog posts in the form of table list. With table list of contents on your site, you visitors can easily find and go to the content section they want to check out without scrolling. 

Besides, Goggles will index the list links as well as display them on the search result pages, so using WordPress table of contents to organize your contents can help to grow your organic traffic. Now, you have understood the benefits of WordPress tables of contents, while there is a problem that how to create WordPress tables of contents and add them to your blog posts. 

10 Best WordPress Table of Contents Plugins

There are abundant plugins available for WordPress covering wide range of categories, and you can find many plugins to create tables. It is not right to utilize for your table list, because these plugins comes with different features and functionality, but there are still many choices available and you can use to create well-organized table lists with good visual effect. 

If you are not sure, you can easily install them on your WordPress websites and test them. If you feel satisfied, you can continue to use them on your site. In the top 10 list below, there are 8 of out the 10 plugins free of charge, coming with excellent compatibility with free premium themes covering all sorts. And 2 premium plugins are out of the 10. All of them will offer you unique features you will need to create beautiful tables of contents.  

Easy Table of Contents

It is a fully free and can help you add table contents on your posts, pages, as well as other custom posts. 

The plugin includes some natural choices which are very simple to use and implement in your WordPress websites. For those beginners using WordPress, Easy Table of Contents will be a pretty good helper. There are some mentionable features it has. For instance, it enables you to completely control the formatting and designs for your tables of contents. What’s more, with Easy Table of Contents, you can easily manage your table header and create various counter bullet formats. 

Besides, there are tens of hundreds of users who are extensively taking good advantage of Easy Table of Contents and most of them give positive feedback. It is the plugins’ advanced functionality that makes it so popular among users who can use it to customize their tables of contents in a desired way. 

Simple TOC

The plugin is very simple extension that is very suitable for beginners. With Simple TOC, you can have two different methods to produce and display your content tables for any post types. One is to add <-TOC-> shortcode in your posts. You are free to display the tag in any places of your post content, and here we sincerely suggest you to put it before your first heading. 

The second way is use-friendly more than the first one, and you can utilize a built-in editor. When the plugins is active, you will find a new button in your visual post content editor. For this method, firstly you need to click the new button. Then, the button will generate a certain shortcode which you can add to your post automatically in which you previously had a cursor. Finally, click to save your content. Now, you can check the effect via previewing it. 

Simple TOC does not have any predefined limit that is specified for making how many numbers of content tables. Other more, the plugin offers you full control over your table design as well. In order to make sure things are always simple, the plugin does not offer any integrated options for table designs. Namely, you can fully customize the content table according to your needs. By the way, the plugin supports CSS types included in theme stylesheets.

Table of Contents Plus

The plugin is very helpful to the users who are to create content tables for those long pages. 

The most attractive functionality is that you can use it to automatically create a table index on your pages. With that, your visitors can easily navigate through your long pages instead of scrolling up or down tediously. 

Table of Contents Plus can also generate content chart which is the same to Wikipedia’s. Also, it can display content table in a good way: once created, your table will be displayed before first heading and aligned to left side automatically. Custom post types are supported with complete control of its default anchor prefix. 

Its intuitive and integrated administration panel is a highlight of the plugin. Its admin panel can help you perform various different functions, like changing the displaying positions. Table of Contents Plus also support customer styling for smooth scrolling. Under it, you can easily modify the table’s links, title color, on-hover and background. 

In addition, the plugin can generate a sitemap of your tables of contents that are presenting on WordPress websites. Even better, the plugin has shortcode support which allows you to add table contents to your widget fields you are using. It is very simple and you can just apply the shortcode of [toc].


Multipage is an open source table of contents extension with GLP v2 license for WordPress. With the extension, you can easily segregate different posts into multiple subpages, and generate titles for them automatically. After creating a content table, it will be displayed automatically and more importantly, the table will redirect your visitor to any desired post subpages. Therefore, Multipage can be regarded as a much more advanced TOC plugin. It cannot only enhance user experience, but also enable more SEO friendly sites for you. 

For other brilliant features, Multipage supports for the minimal CSS styles and allows generating different post page views as well as modifying multiple page CSSs. Being an effective plugin, it allows curating all posts into each single content table so that users can easily access desired pages. 

HM Content TOC

The extension is suitable for creating contents tables for those specific HTML elements. However, because it hasn’t been updated for almost two years, we do not recommend you to utilize it on active site. If you want to make effort for the project, then you can grab its source codes through SVN repo.

For features, HM Content TOC includes an easy-to-use control panel which can assist you control your tables heading output effortlessly. Besides, you can customize your table of contents style by manually creating CSS and adding it to your websites. 

CM Table of Contents

The plugin comes with easy to use features and one of them is the ability to build completely customizable as well as multi-level TOC.

It also provides some graceful options for customizing your contents tables along with various positions, titles, sidebars, sections and headers which have previously been defined by your page or post content. The plugin can offer your unlimited options, because it won’t limit you to h1 or h2 tags only, but you can take advantage of spans, div, or CSS classes to define your contents tables. 

Table of Contents

It is a free plugin and you can get it from WordPress repository. With the plugin, you can easily manage your TOC, because it comes with straightforward features and functionality. Generally, Table of Contents depends on shortcodes. You can insert shortcodes into your posts that you want to display the contents table in proper places. What’s more, Table of Contents has translation support. Therefore, it is perfect for those who are fond of localization. The plugin can help you localize the position effortlessly. 


This is a free TOC WordPress plugin too, available in the repository. JCWP allows you to display “Table of Contents” container in a specific page or post. Besides, the plugin has 10 custom scroll animation effects and you can also customize its scrolling speed. Besides, there are 8 pre-defined positions and you can present your content table index.

We have found many excellent features it includes but there is one fact that the plugin seems not to update any more. Therefore, it may not so suitable for active websites. If you are just a developer, and interested in researching it, then you can get its source codes from SVN repository. 

Thrive Builder Plugin

Thrive Builder Plugin is an easy-to-use and customizable WordPress plugin for TOC. 

With the plugin, there are no many efforts required to create a good-looking TOC as it always generate eye-catching ones. Thrive Builder Plugin helps to categorize all your contents so that your visitors can easily find and go to the content they want.

The plugin offers you the ability to choose the heading as well as the desired table of contents which will be linked to the line. Once there is a specific title popping up, there is a TOC generated. 

Fixed TOC

Fixed TOC is a floating TOC WordPress plugin. One of its amazing features is the support for custom post types as well as it can be customized through WordPress build-in customizer. Also, it supports shortcode and ‘next page’ tag. There are near 50 important animation effects available, and the plugins even offer you full control of effects and colors. There is a Metabox included for all posts and pages. Moreover, the plugin offers some customization options for each single page and post. 

The support for smooth scrolling is included as well. Fixed TOC even allows sticking the generated tables of contents in sidebar. Besides, the plugins can highlight the heading that your visitors are reading. 


These options are available in the WordPress repository and if you still can’t make the decision from our description, then you’d better to try the one you think it may be right and the real experience is the best test to tell the answer. Don’t forget their free add-ons, and try them first. If you feel right, then upgrade to the paid edition then. Or, if you ever have good TOC plugins using, please share with us in comments.

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