1and1 VPS Hosting Review

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1and1 VPS Hosting ReviewFounded in 1988, 1and1 (www.1and1.com) have slowly built up a reputation in the web hosting industry, but still has a long way to go.  With over 5400 employees and over 70000 servers all over Europe, US and Asia the company have mixed review from their customers about VPS hosting services.  Good VPS hosting from top web hosts should provide all the necessary features, latest technology and speed, so below we will review 1and1 VPS hosting solutions to see if their amongst the top web hosting providers.

1and1 VPS Hosting – Features

When it comes to features 1and1 hosting didn't really impress our editors.  For the price the your paying, we at least thought the company would offer more features for running its VPS hosting.  However 1and1 VPS hosting features include:

  • Guaranteed RAM
  • Server Monitoring
  • Virtual Server quotas increased
  • Available in Linux or Windows®
  • Server Monitoring
  • SSH shell access
  • GeoTrust certified SSL certificates

Moreover, our editors state that for the amount that you will pay with 1and1 VPS Hosting, customers can take choosing InmotionHosting VPS Hosting into consideration, since their VPS hosting plans offer much more rich hosting features for around the same price.

1and1 VPS Hosting – Price Value

1and1 VPS hosting is priced a little cheaper than average compared to other web hosting providers like Inmotionhosting and Bluehost since they only offer a smaller amount of disk space on these plans compared to other popular web hosts.

1and1 VPS hosting pricing is designed to suit the needs of different users;

Virtual Server L - $19.99/month (2GB RAM, Storage 50GB, 1000GB traffic/month), Virtual Server XL - $39.99/month (4GB RAM, Storage 100GB, 2000GB traffic/month) and Virtual XXL - $59.99/month (8GB RAM, Storage 200GB, 2500GB traffic/month).

Moreover, all plans come along with control panel Plesk, 1 free domain and a choice of Operating System.

1and1 VPS Hosting – Reliability and Performance

When it comes to performance 1and1 may have some issues with reliability.  Customers have made it known that sometimes you may/or not get better service is you upgrade for their more VPS hosting plans.

The datacenters from 1and1 are located in Kansas which have 55,000 square feet- 5 server rooms provide space for 40,000 servers,   and five huge 16-cylinder diesel generators supply constant, reliable power for all systems, but after saying this, their speed is still just sub-par level.

1and1 VPS Hosting – Customer Support

1and1 VPS hosting has previously received several complaints about nonexistent customer support according to customer reviews.  Most of them tend to report problems more frequently than reporting great experiences.

However saying this, 1and1 does support customers 24/7 via Phone and email, live chat is not supported.  Customers can also solve technical issues with the assistance of help center and user-based forum.

1and1 VPS Hosting Review Conclusion

Regardless if you are an individual user, or even a small business owner trying to find a powerful and fast service, we don’t recommend 1and1 VPS Hosting, since it’s easy to find a web hosting alternative, that affordable, with more rich features, faster speed and better customer service.  We recommend InmotionHosting VPS Hosting as an alternative, the web host has, fully-managed support, cPanel, more unlimited features and fast blazing speed.

For more information please visit www.inmotionhosting.com/vps.

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