2017 WHD.china: Round-Table Conference Focuses on Enterprise Cloud Application

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Being held on May 23rd in Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing, 2017 WHD.china is one of the largest European cloud computing meetings’ Chinese station. Since its inception in China in 2013, WHD.china has already become one of the showcase platforms at home and abroad, for the top Internet companies displaying their latest technologies, and also the center gathering global industries and technical trends. Round-table conference is a traditional activity of this meeting. In 2017 WHD.china, the round-table conference will gather 6 emerging domestic tech companies in the industry to have an in-depth exploration on enterprise cloud application. 

According to the host, this 2017 WHD.china’s round-table conference will be opened at 2:30 p.m. on May 23rd. Gu Yinana, also called “the first lady of cloud computing” in the industry and founder & CEO of Yunchang Network Technology Co., Ltd.( Shanghai), will take a role as the conference host. 

On the occasion, Madam Gu, YeePay Group CEO Chen Bin, Changba CTO Li Yufeng, Lashou Operation Director Chang Chun, Letv Cloud Computing Security Center General-Manager Wan Tao, and Alibaba Cloud Beijing Branch Vice General-Manager Li Guohuan will discuss the conference’s staple topic “Enterprise Cloud Application Practice Sharing”. 

Now the Internet+ era has become an inevitable trend, which means traditional enterprises’ exclusive and fragmented business modes will receive huge impact. To welcome the Internet+ era and gear to follow the trend, every walk of life in home has positively or passively pushed enterprise transformation and upgrade, by innovating business modes or management. 

On the road of driving the Internet+ era, cloud computing becomes the best method for enterprises to perform multi-dimensional change in management and technology. The topic of this round-table conference closely conform to the current development tendency of enterprise cloud application, and this conference gathers China’s leading cloud computing companies, excellent computer software & hardware providers, mobile Internet and Internet finance development leaders, and those emerging e-commerce platforms and social network platforms, which aims at enhancing the communication about enterprise cloud application practice in different phases, eliminating concept and technical barriers, improve end-user experience, and finally accelerating the innovations of enterprise business and management, to help them increase profits and cut down costs, and maintain competitiveness. 

The free registration channel for 2017 WHD.china has been opened already. If you register for an account, you can get a chance to receive a conferment ticket. If you are curious about China’s cloud computing development ecologicalization, or want to learn more about how cloud computing and big data become the engine of enterprise development, you cannot miss this great chance! 

To get more details, please visit whd.hostucan.cn or follow the WeChat official account whdchinafwh.

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