Flash Sale: 2018 CloudFest & NamesCon China Early Bird Ticket

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If you have read our previous articles you will know 2018 CloudFest & NamesCon China will be held from June 28th to June 29th at Meridien Sheshan Shanghai Hotel. This year, in order to celebrate “May day”, one of the Chinese traditional holiday, we launch a half-off sale promotion activity for early birds, which says that from now on to May 13th every user has an opportunity to purchase an early ticket worth $34.50, at the page of Eventbrite’s exclusive activity. One thing you should know is that there are only 100 early bird tickets available, so don’t hesitate. First come first served.

If you purchase ticket now you can enjoy a price for early birds—standard ticket for $34.50 and VIP ticket $149.50. The price of standard ticket will be recovered to $69.00 and VIP $299.00 from May 14th. 

Details for Early Bird Ticket

Price of Early Bird Ticket

  • Original price of standard ticket is $69.00price for early birds is $34.50 at a limited time
  • Original price of VIP ticket is $299.00—price for early birds is $149.50 at a limited time

Preferential Period: April 25th to May 13th, 2018 (until sold out)

Included Rights:

  • Access to all meetings
  • Admission to exhibition
  • Catering: Lunch and tea break
  • Qualification to obtain meeting information pack and all meeting documents
  • Access to welcoming wine party Come2Gather
  • Access to VIP dinner party (VIP only)
  • Lounge hall (VIP only)

How to purchase Early Bird Ticket?

1. Ticket for 2018 CloudFest & NamesCon China can be purchased at the official signing up platform Eventbrite with a limited number of 100. Purchase link: https://cloudfest-and-namescon-2018.eventbrite.com

2. Choose ticket type between “early bird ticket-standard ticket” or “early bird ticket-VIP ticket”, then click on “I want to sign up” to purchase ticket.

Note: there are a finite number of early bird tickets so hurry up and take the chance!

Conference Introduction

CloudFest & NamesCon China

CloudFest China is one of the global series of CloudFest as well as one of the largest international conferences in cloud computing industry. Through this conference, you can communication with cloud service providers, IaaS/PaaS/SaaS service providers, software and hardware service providers, as well as system integration companies and independent software developer, etc. both in domestic and foreign countries. At that time, maters from all areas in the industry will come together to discuss the new trends of cloud computing.

As one of the global series of NamesCon, NamesCon China has earned good reputation in domain name investment community since it first took place in China in 2017. This year, we will continue to create a friendly communication platform for foreign domain name experts and domestic investment experts. With this platform, you can not only make new friends but can also share your personal experiences regarding domain name. So if you want to contact with domestic investors in domain name industry, don’t miss this opportunity.

In 2018, CloudFest China and NamesCon China will be held at the same time in the same place (from June 28th to June 29th at Meridien Sheshan Shanghai Hotel ). Except for lecture hall, these two meetings will share exhibition area, hold welcoming wine party Come2Gather together and VIP dinner party, etc. So with only one ticket, you can take part in two meetings at the same time, understand experts ‘ideas coming from different industries, as well as have the opportunity to communicate with professionals in other industries and areas. These two meetings will be one of the most distinctive conferences in domain name and cloud computing industries which you cannot miss!

Conference Highlights

Industry Sharing

Focused on industry new trends, newest technology products and best practices in cloud service industry, etc. 2018 CloudFest & NamesCon China will invite masters in relating industries to address wonderful speeches.

Business Platform

2018 CloudFest & NamesCon is dedicated to become a good business platform, providing a wonderful communication platform between attendees and exhibitors as well as between attendees who want to do business with others. Besides, attendees can look for partners at a relaxing atmosphere in welcoming wine party Come2Gather, VIP dinner party and other activities.

Domain Name Auction

An auction activity for domain name will be held both online and offline at 2018 NamesCon China from June 28th to 29th, when attendees can take part in auction activity as well as watch the video regarding domain name auction online; Domain names will be auctioned onsite in a domain name auction activity on June 28th and after you get one you can sell it to other person at a premium price in the future. 

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