2018 NamesCon China Online Domain Auction Officially Launch

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If I have high quality domain name, where should I go to auction it? Come and participate in the online domain name auction activity of 2018 NamesCon China, one of the most famous domain name conferences. From now on to June 20th, everyone can join it if domain name has been submitted online. During this activity, NamesCon China will join hands with West.xyz, the famous domain name registrar in China, and its luxury domain name brand Mige Auction, to host online domain name auction activity together. At that time, domain name investors can not only participate in domain name auction activity online, but also join it at the scene after checking different domain names.

Activity Time

  • Domain name sign up: from now on to June 20th, 2018
  • Domain name auction: June 21th, 2018 to June 29th, 2018

How to submit domain name:

1. Create an account of West.xyz by visiting https://www.west.cn/login.asp?

2. Visit https://www.west.cn/manager/paimai/add_zc.asp, the domain name auction submitting page after login in

3. Enter the domain name you want to auction at the text box at the left side

4. Select Namescon Online Auction (end on June 29th) under “Please select a Session” at the right side and then click on the “Post” button.

5. You can take participate in online domain name auction activity after the approval of domain name.

Rules for online domain name auction

1. West.xyz is not the registrar of the domain name 

Please directly contact the organizer of this activity with qq of 2025777149 or phone of 021-55669186.

2. West.xyz is the registrar of the domain name 

1) Submit Domain Name

Prefix and suffix requirements should be met accordingly by the domain name submitted. In addition, domain name’s expiration time shall exceed 30 days; only domain name that has been approved can join online action activity.

2) Auction Rule

Bid for all domain names shall be no less than 1 Yuan and the seller should pay certain commission charges after the auction, and the rules are:If the cash can be drawn it is 3.00% of the transaction price and if not 2.00%; besides, the second highest bidder can obtain 0.3% of the transaction price as dividend.

3) Default Compensation

If either party breaches the contract it shall pay corresponding liquidated damages, half of which will be given to the other side and then transaction closes.

4) Reserve Price of Domain Name

There is a reserve price for every domain name and sellers are not allowed to break the contract if the bid for domain name is greater or equal to reserve price; if all bid fail to reach reserve price it will be regarded as abortive auction, and then the seller needs to pay Mige 50 Yuan as abortive auction fee when reserve price is less than RMB 5000 Yuan and 100 Yuan in other cases.

5) Delivery of Domain Name

The transaction needs to be confirmed by the seller within 24 hours after the bid if the registrar of domain name auctioned is West.xyz (It will be confirmed automatically if nothing has been done within 24 hours).

For more details about auction rules please visit https://www.west.cn/p/rules.asp

Auctioneer reserves all the right for the final explanation.

About 2018 NamesCon China

2018 NamesCon China and CloudFest China will be simultaneously held at Meridien Sheshan Shanghai Hotel from June 28th to June 29th. At that time users can attend both meetings with only one ticket. Not only will in-depth discussions for issues such as analysis for domain name industry, domain name investigation, domain name dispute and blockchain domain name be conducted at 2018 NamesCon China but also online domain name auction activity will be held at the conference.

If you want to purchase the ticket of 2018 NamesCon China please visit http://www.huodongxing.com/event/5437253344200

For the latest developments of the online domain name auction activity of 2018 NamesCon please follow U domain name, the official account of the conference.


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