5 Brilliant Ideas for Holiday Email Marketing

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Every year, as with the celebration of Halloween, the floodgate of holiday marketing campaign opens, all kinds of holiday marketing including emails, social media posts, and TV ads burst into the scene and countless businesses rushing to cash in on a spending frenzy.

According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales in 2015 increased 3% to $626.1 billion. No wonder why business owners take the holiday season seriously and regard it as the most lucrative times of the year. With a growing number of people buying online, making a solid email marketing plan can help take advantage of this trend and bring you with merry and bright holiday sales. Though there are plenty of email hosting providers offering premium email services, you need some more knowledge of best ways to create successful holiday email marketing campaign. 

What makes email the best holiday marketing tool?

Firstly, emails are made for our mobile world. Your subscribers take tablets and smartphones as the most important platform to check all kinds of information, and the latest research indicates that traffic from mobile devices is about to overtake PC, meaning that more and more consumers will shop online using their mobile devices. Additionally, Movable Ink has reported that a whopping 63% Cyber Monday emails plus 76% of Black Friday emails were opened on a mobile device.

Secondly, emails offer instant buying options. It could be extremely simple and convenient for subscribers to make a purchase in the email as over 40% of retails are likely to add a “Buy Now” button or call to action button in their email marketing.

Thirdly, email content ideas are abundant. Emails can be used to invite subscribers to a holiday event, promote sales, showcase unique gift guides or appealing ideas, and etc., enabling you to reach out to your targeting clients on a regular basis as well as stimulate sales throughout the season.

Lastly, email is the most effective and efficient way for holiday marketing as a result of automation. Automating your welcome emails, newsletter emails, or other email campaigns save you time and energy in the busy holiday season.

5 Brilliant Ideas for Your Holiday Email Marketing

1.     Send a holiday preview sale email

If you want your audience to beat the holiday rush, you should bring them into your store in advance by sending an email carrying the holiday preview sale. For growing your email list, you can even offer your current customers additional discounts and encourage them to bring their friendly or spread the word about the event.

2.     Promote your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale

Some statistics shows that revenue generated during Black Friday to Christmas is 50—100% more than other shopping days in a year. Due to that, sending a series of emails including the promotion details of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, and send a final reminder on the big day are the must-have steps you need to do.

3.     Add a gift card bonus

Besides traditional discounts you have sent to your customers, you can choose to send them a bonus prize for the purpose of rewarding them for shopping small. Offering a gift card as bonus is not only helpful for increasing sales during the holiday season, but also introducing you to new clients in the process.

4.     Give a holiday gift guide

Many people used to be unsure of what to buy at the last minute. Creating a gift guide can help solve the problem by giving your customers some ideas. The best part is, you can send as many gift guides as you want to throughout the holiday season and break them into categories like age group, price point, product type, and so on.

5.     Don't forget the post-holiday emails

Though the holidays are over, you can still nab a few more sales by sending post-holiday offers to your customers. A large number of business owners will choose to send this email in early January, however. 

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