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PHP is the most popular script language used to develop websites. In fact, most of popular CMS are built using PHP, which includes WordPress, Drupal, vBulletin and more. So, what's the must read books to learn PHP? In below we list out top 6 best PHP books.

PHP for Absolute Beginners

PHP for absolute beginners[2]PHP for Absolute Beginners is one of Best PHP books we would like to recommend, which is written for the complete novice and starts slowly and covers everything you need to know about beginning web development using PHP. Even inexperienced web developer/programmers will find this book accessible. In the later chapters of the book the author goes deep detail about developing content management systems and procedural code, so there will be some intermediate stuff in there near the end of the book. Users will learn:

  • Navigate the PHP language
  • Install Apache, MySQL, and PHP
  • Learn writing clean code and the basics of it
  • Make a PHP site more secure

For more details visit PHP for Absolute Beginners.

Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS

best php booksUnless you've been hiding in a cave for the past several years or so, you know that it takes more than a bit of HTML slight-of-hand to make a modern, dynamic website. With Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS beginners will learn how to build interactive, data-driven websites. Users are not required to have any previous programming experience. However, if you know how to build static sites with HTML, this popular guide will help you tackle dynamic web programming. What this book covers:

  • Make your website into a highly dynamic environment
  • Learn the essential of PHP and the basics of object-oriented programming
  • Master MySQL, from complex queries and database structure
  • Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript
  • Create and Style web pages using HTML and CSS features with PHP and MySQL

To learn more info check out Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS.

Programming PHP

best php books - programming phpWhen it comes to creating websites, Programming PHP book is truly a great option. This updated edition is best suited for Intermediate level users and will teach you everything you need to know to create effective web applications with the latest features in PHP 5.x. Programming PHP also includes style tips and practical programming advice that will help you become not just a PHP programmer, but a good PHP programmer. Book content includes:

  • Learning the fundamentals of PHP programming; including variables, operators, control statements and data types.
  • Creating dynamic images, create parse Xml and Pdf files
  • Understanding and getting familiar with Arrays, strings, functions and objects
  • Quick reference to PHP standard and core functions
  • Learning error handling, securing scripts, performance tuning etc.
  • Gaining knowledge of PHP programs and references to PHP core functions

Get up to speed with more book reviews and visit Programming PHP.

PHP Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for PHP Programmers

best php books - php cookbookPHP Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for PHP Programmers has a wealth of solutions for problems that you'll face regularly. The book is recommended for advanced users that want to utilize this scripting language to generate dynamic web content. This book provides solutions that explain how to use the new language features in detail that includes a vast improved object-oriented capabilities and the new PDO data access extension. Just like a cookbook, each recipe has a wealth of answers for issues that you will face on a regular basis. Users will learn:

  • Logic and concepts underlying XML, developing web solutions with PHP, and working with SOAP/Rest architectures.
  • The book brings power and ease of use of PHP to web developers who have already discovered the flexibility and productivity that comes with using PHP.
  • This will also cover all aspects of PHP.

To learn more details, go to: PHP Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for PHP Programmers.

PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice

php book - php objects patterns and practice[2]PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice will take you beyond the PHP basics to the enterprise development practices used by professional programmers. This book is suitable for advanced users with some background knowledge of PHP who wants to use its object-oriented features in their projects. This updated edition has additions of new sections on closures, namespaces, and will teach you about object features such as interfaces, abstract classes, reflection, and error handling. What you’ll learn in this book:

  • Learn about practices and the tools that guarantee success of projects, including version control , build, unit testing; package management, installation, and; continuous integration.
  • Overcome advanced object-oriented features such as properties and static methods.
  • Learn to work with object fundamentals: instantiating objects, writing methods and classes, and with using inheritance - create powerful class hierarchies.
  • Comprehend the use design principles to array classes and objects effectively in your projects.

For more depth please visit PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice.

PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming

php advanced and obj-oriented-proUsers can soar to the next level with PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming: Visual QuickPro Guide. This book shouldn’t be considered as the introductory course, this book is for Experience/Advanced users. Note: Scripts have been formatted with line breaks that will work on most text editors. Users with any difficulty opening scripts should adjust the way your text editor treats text files. Book content includes:

  • Creating and developing web applications using advanced PHP
  • Learning Advanced database concepts
  • Object-oriented programming and debugging, testing, and performance.

Bestselling author Larry Ullman (Web and software developer/ programmer) teaches specific topics in direct, focused segments shows how PHP is used in real-world applications. For more depth please visit PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming: Visual QuickPro Guide.

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