6 Best WordPress Plugins for Product Reviews

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For WordPress website owners, they are happy because whenever and whatever plugins they want to use to improve their websites, they can always get many premium options. In this post, we are to introduce 6 Premium WordPress plugins for product reviews, which are really hand-picked. These easy-to-use plugins are suitable for those webmasters who regularly add particular product review on their websites. these product review plugins can help them make their reviews more SEO-friendly. 

Why You Need WordPress Product Review Plugins?

Before we introduce our list of WordPress product review plugins, we want to you to think about a question that what you will do when you plan to purchase something. For the majority of people, they are most likely to view the latest products reviews so as to make out the best on from their candidates.

Because of this, there are many product review websites becoming popular among users, such as Rotten Tomatoes, TripAdvisor and Yelp. These review websites can provide users enough reviews about the target they want to make the comparison of different options and find the one. 

Also, most of you must have experience of purchasing on Amazon or Tianmao, the two are the largest online store platform in the US and China respectively, and they also make their product reviews outstanding to attract users and help them make their shopping decisions. 

In a similar way, most WordPress website owners need to compose product reviews to monetize their sites. These webmasters can get money directly from the product providers for those reviews, or some take advantage of affiliate marketing to make money. 

If you are running a WordPress blog, then you can also write products reviews as your blog posts. Nevertheless, a simply plain post doesn’t utilize the product review layout which is supported by those search engines. It means that your blog posts cannot get high rankings in a review search result page.

In order to get better SEO effort, you’d better write your review post with the schema.org rich snippet layout. For this, an easy-to-use product review plugin is a good helper. With one of them, you can fulfill those search engine-friendly blog posts as product reviews which will look pretty as well on your site.

Now, we will give you some of the best options of WordPress product review plugins. Let’s check out them together!

#1. WP Product Review Pro

This product review plugin is one of the options we want to recommend to you. WP Product Review includes a detailed setting area which allows you to select the way of managing as well as displaying your reviews on your blog as you want. 

It is easy to add a product review with WP Product Review. You can just choose the “Product Review” option as you are composing a blog post. WP Product Review will display you all the settings to edit your reviews. You can add images to the review, break it down into features, or list pros and cons in the review post.

WP Product Review also includes the sidebar widgets which allow you to display your product review posts. Even better, the plugin can help you to collect the reviewed summited by other users, or your users are allowed to add reviews and rating in your comment section once you install and activate the plugin on site. All the reviews on your blog or site will be showcased in the format of shcema.org rich snippet to maximize SEO benefit. 

#2. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

We have talked that your review posts has to be with a SEO-friendly format. This All in One Schema Rich Snippets is the product review plugin you need. It can help you edit different kinds of review posts by utilizing rich snippets format that includes product reviews.

How to use it to add product review? You just need choose “Item Review” in a drop-down list when you are editing a post. This plugin will give you some options about showing your reviews, such as product name, reviewer’s name, as well as the star rating. Once you published your post, the product review just added will be displayed below the post with proper SEO-friendly markup. 

Besides, All in One Schema Rich Snippets can help you to add products, recipes, software, articles and so on. 

#3. WP Review Pro

To add a product review on your WordPress blog or site, WP Review Pro is a good option. Because of pretty good ease-of-use, WP Review Pro is extremely beginner-friendly. After you installed and activated it, you can directly choose “”Add New Post” and then select “Review” type to edit your product review as a post. 

WP Review Pro can offer 3 review rating types, including percentage, points, and stars. With this plugin, you are able to add different ratings for each feature. Besides, the plugin allows your users to submit their rating for the products on your site, then the ratings will become more objective.

In addition, WP Review Pro also provides you some styling options that you can find on “WP Review” page by clicking on “Settings”. With those styling options, you can simply select the color for your review box to better fit your WordPress theme’s color. 

#4. Rich Reviews

Now we are to recommend you a free and easy to use WordPress plugin for product reviews, which is named as Rich Reviews. With that on site, you can add product reviews about your own websites, services or products. Your users are also allowed to contribute their reviews on your site. 

Rich Reviews utilizes shortcodes to showcase your review. You are allowed to display them anywhere on your site you like, such as on pages, in posts, or sidebar widgets.

Additionally, with Rich Reviews, you can manually approve each of your user’ review when you are collecting them, it will be done before they are published. Also, you will get a setting panel of this plugin, which includes the detailed instructions to tell you how to properly  manage and display reviews via Rich Reviews. 

#5. WP Customer Reviews

This plugin is also versatile to allow you to create new reviews and collect users’ reviews. Upon activation, you can just edit a new post in which you are willing to add your product review and then check “reviews” option.

Then, you need visit “Review” >> “All Reviews” page, where you need to press the “Add New” button. Next, directly choose the post as well as edit your product review. WP Customer Reviews can help you make your users to submit their reviews. Of course, these user reviews need your approval before publishing them.

What’s more, you can use the plugin to customize your reviews form which will be displayed to your users. To better use the plugin, you can look up a “how-to-use” page including detailed instructions. 

#6. Site Reviews

This is the last one we want to recommend to you, which is called Site Reviews. The product review plugin allows you to collect user reviews for your own service, local business or products. 

Site Reviews can offer you a clean setting page which can help you gather customer reviews in a better way and display them in a better way. With those settings options, you are able to customize your review form as well as showcase them at any places on your site you want via a shortcode. 

To make it easier, Site Reviews offers a simple shortcode inserter located on your post editor screen. With that, you can display customer reviews, review summary, and review form. 

We have list the top 6 WordPress plugins for product review, and these are the best ones we find in the industry. You can choose one to help you and maximize your SEO benefit for your WordPress blog or site. 

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2018-04-28 11:04
I'm running a WordPress website which now needs restaurant reviews to benefit our audience. Admittedly, adding product reviews is not an easy job for me, a newbie with limited technical skills. Thus it is practical to take your advice to rely on a plugin. Having read this article, I have more interest in the Rich Reviews plugin. After all, I have no budget for that at present. hahaha! Thanks!
2018-05-14 10:09
To be honest, I am a WordPress user who lacks the knowledge of choosing a proper plugin for product reviews. You guys lighten my way to find a proper one in a much easier way. Benefiting from this beginner guide, I will have more chances to monetize my site. I do realize the great importance of a good product review plugin to my WordPress site. 
2018-06-12 11:58
Even, Amazon features product reviews to attract more customers. Following its steps, I also want to learn how to add detailed product reviews. The availability of product review plugins really pleases me. Choosing a proper one can be easy under your professional guidance. It can save me much time and energy.