6 Effective Ways to Get Natual Backlinks

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Links are an important part in your websites, especially backlinks. When we optimize our websites, we always want to get more high quality backlinks from other websites. If you do SEO for a big brand, you can easily get backlinks because big brand already have an established following of fans. But what to do for the rest of us who are short of budget? Here are 6 effective ways that may help you:

High quality content

You should still focus on writing high quality content. It proves to the best way for you to get backlinks. A high quality content can attract more readers and produce more traffic to your site. So,make sure your site content is original, interesting and somewhat innovative, so that readers would want to link to the site.


Guesting blog for backlinks, especially if no one knows who you are. You can introduce your sites and products letting customers know more about you. Get the right topic on the right blog, and the results can be pretty astronomical.

Building more online relationships

You may still build your content from your partnerships offline. Now ,it is time to turn this relationships to be online. People,especially your partners are more likely to link to you when they already know who you are and can vouch for the work you do. So ,try to connect with them online.

Forums & Online Communities

There is another place that you can get backlinks---forums or online communities. Find online communities,forums or discussion groups relevant to your business, and join them. You’d better start with asking/answer questions or tell your stories instead of posting a link. The more people know you,the more possibility you can get to build backlinks.

Being active

Some conferences or activities relevant to your business may be hold every year/month. You should be active and join them. Introduce yourself to more people and you can get a great chance to communicate with someauthoritative experts. Thus,more high quality backlinks come into being.

Providing more special offers

People always want to get free or giveaways. So, do your business online with more special offers. If people find the special offers,they would like to share them to their friends. It not only leads to more backlinks,but also bring profit to you.

What you should keep in mind is that never try to get backlinks through illegal ways,otherwise you would be punished by search engine. Since you have build your website,it is never too late to get your backlinks. Start now!

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