9 Important Pages Your WordPress Blog Should Have (2018)

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For many beginners, when they start their blog or website, they mostly take advantage of default WordPress themes with certain layouts. They could not understand which pages that their website or blog should have. If you just started a website or blog, you have to learn that your pages on site enable you to add and display the valuable and useful information about your website or blog but they will now affect your regular post schedule. The following post will tell you which pages are the very important part of your site and you should have. 

Why Should You Add Pages to Your WordPress Site?

By default, WordPress includes two content types: pages and posts. You can use pages to create content which does not belong to your regular posts schedule; while you can utilize posts to write regular articles. 

Besides, WordPress pages normally are used to add the static content which you will not change frequently, such as home page and about page. Making the content on your WordPress pages always separate from normal posts can help your users find it easily. Also, you are able to manage these pages effectively, rearrange them, use WordPress page builder to build up custom layouts for each one them, and even add your pages to navigation menu. 

That being said, we are to talk about blog page tips which can be used on your WordPress blog site.

About Page

No matter which type of WordPress website or blog you are running, the About page is a must. You can name it “About Me” or “About Us”, which depends on whether you are running a personal blog or a business site.

About page allows you to explain the persons behind the site, the blog’s values, missions, purpose, as well as the content users want to find on your site. Generally, speaking, About page can help you create trust between users because they can understand the real person behind the blog. In addition, About page can also be used to showcase your popular and featured content.

Contact Page

This is a must, too. All those potential customers, business partners, advertisers, and your post readers need your contact information. A clean and detailed Contact page can help these people easily get in touch with you.

If necessary, you need add a proper and attractive contact form which makes it easier for your users to reach you. Or, you can directly put your own location map, social media profiles, email address, and even live chat or phone number on the Contact page, so that users have more convenient choices to contact you.

Disclaimer Page

This is important for those profit WordPress websites or blogs. If you are just managing one, then you’d better add this Disclaimer page on site. Disclaimer page will tell your users how your blog makes money. For instance, if your site promotes some affiliate products or displays ads, you can tell your users that these are the ways of monetizing from your blog by adding Disclaimer page. 

Privacy Policy Page

This page is about telling your users that how you and third parties use the user data your site collects. This is necessary, because even though you have no intention to collect user data, other third-party services or plugins added on your blog are very likely to set cookies such as Google Analytics. 

Besides, some third-parties even require adding Privacy Policy page on site, if you want to use them, like Google AdSense.

If you have no idea about the Privacy Policy page, you can refer to many Privacy Policy page generators or templates available outside. 

Terms of Service Page

A Terms of Service page is necessary for the websites or blogs offering products or services. This is about legal document, thus you’d better to ask help from legal professionals. Of course, you can utilize those online Terms of Services page templates available on the Internet, but you have to take your own risks. 

On the one hand, with the page on site, your will not take all liability when this is a misuse of user data or the services offered on your site. On the other hand, you can inform your users about their own responsibilities related to the trademark and copyright as well as tell them how to use the platform of yours and service or products you offer.

Products or Services Page

For those websites integrating with eCommerce software such as WooCommerce to sell services or products, they will automatically create is a store page which you are able to add to navigation menus.

Besides, if you do not take advantage of any eCommerce software, then you have to sell products or services via a professional Products page. Alternatively, you can add a parent page on which you can list all your services or products as well as some child pages for each single product with details.

Custom 404 Page

If you host websites based on WordPress platform, then it will automatically dhow a 404 error page once the website can’t find a certain piece of content. Regularly, this 404 error page should be very plain.

To make the page more valuable and useful, you can use a Custom 404 error page o replace the default one. The Custom 404 page will offer users with more chances to find content and continue to browse. 

Advertise Page

Some blogs makes money from ads only, so we recommend you to add Advertise page to sell advertisers with your ad spots on this page, instead of taking advantage of Google AdSense.

The Advertise page will include the information of available ad spots, your visitors’ demographics and page views every month. Also, it is better to add your contact information at bottom, so that advertisers can contact you easily.

To make it, you will need a helper to effectively showcase and manage ads displaying on your site. Fortunately, WordPress has many ad management plugins available, and here we think you can try AdSanity which comes with ease-of-use.

Write for Us Page

For the blog or website having more than one author, you must want more writers to write for your blog. The best way is to add a Write for Us page on your blog. It will help other outside writers who are searching for chances to write on your blog.

On this page, you can offer the information about your blog values and essentials as well as what kind of posts you want. More importantly, you need to use this page to tell them how they can benefit from editing for your blog. A contact form is needed as well. 


We introduced the 9 pages your WordPress blog or website should have, and hope you can get ideas to improve your site well. WordPress is such an easy-to-use platform that you can easily start a website. Refer to our important page WordPress website should have, and wish you good luck. 

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2018-04-23 14:48
HostUCan: Thanks for efforts! Have read this article, I did realize what a mistake I made before to ignore some important pages in WordPress. I decided to make some changes for the correction of this error.  1. Added a contact page  2. Customized my 404 page 3. Created a privacy policy page These changes make my WordPress website obtain more trust from my audience. Hope that you can continue to deliver helpful content.  
2018-04-28 11:15
Personally speaking, I hold the idea that more pages can be considered with a WordPress site, like Start Here and custom Archieves pages. With more and more content included, a website can be more user-friendly with Start Here page. New users can have a clearer idea where to start. And custom Archives pages can be a place where website owners show the popular posts, top tags, etc. 
2018-05-24 10:13
You do remind me to add a search option to my 404 Error page. The change has been driving some traffic to my WordPress site. This is a lesson that I shouldn't ignore the importance of  my marketing strategy. Therefore, I continue to look for more information on how to optimize my website. HostUCan.com is a great place where I have acquired much knowledge.