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A2Hosting (www.a2hosting.com) is an industry-leading Linux web hosting provider, but it does not only offer Linux hosting, but also launched Windows hosting. Since its inception in 2003, A2Hosting has developed a wide range of products launched in the market. Cloud hosting is one of those, and A2Hosting has finely tuned its cloud hosting with unique SwiftServer platform. 

In below, we are to review A2Hosting cloud hosting from pricing, features, performance and customer support to figure out whether A2Hosting is a good cloud hosting provider or not.

A2Hosting Cloud Hosting – Features

Cloud hosting always comes with great flexibility and scalability, so as to meet any kind of customers’ demands. At A2Hosting, its cloud hosting is offered with ultimate flexibility as well because of A2 Quick Start and pay only for the resources customers use. 

To be more specific, A2Hosting includes many useful and powerful feature to increase cloud hosting’s flexibility for customers. A2 Quick Start is one of these. With that, A2Hosting will offer customer its own configurator tool allowing customer to choose their resources based on their needs, including RAM, CPU speed, cores, web space as well as operating system template. 

Don’t worry about choosing too much, because A2Hosting allows customers to resize their cloud hosting account on demand as well as pay only for what they use. Or, customers can just get started with A2Hosting cloud hosting configured already, if they are not sure how many resources they can use. 

Other more, A2Hosting cloud hosting is Linux based, and customers can choose from the best version of Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Debian and so on. If what you choose cannot fit their needs, they can just reload their cloud on demand with different OS or versions they like. 

To make customers enjoy the best customized cloud hosting at A2Hosting. The company recommends the award-winning cPanel control panel that has an easy interface to help manage everything like their files, databases, email and websites. So, customers with A2Hosting cloud hosting can design and manage their perfect cloud.

As for the default packages, there are three available. The entry-level one includes unlimited inbound transfer, 10GB HDD storage, 512MB RAM, 2 cores, and 600MHz CPU speed. If they are not enough, just let A2Hosting know and they can upgrade to bigger plans.

Checking these features, we believe that a2Hosting does great jobs to make its cloud hosting extremely flexible and well-customized. Customers cannot only get the best flexibility, but also the rich server resources and easy-to-use management tool.

A2Hosting Cloud Hosting – Pricing

A2Hosting always provides the best discount to the customers who purchase A2Hosting services through our exclusive promotional link. Considering the character of cloud hosting, A2Hosting utilizes a different billing method from other normal web hosting solutions. It is “pay as you go”.

Normally, A2Hosting cloud hosting starts at $15/mo, but now if customers understand how much resources they need in reality, they can use A2Hosting configurator tool to decide their server size. Namely, they can just pay for what they use. Considering its base of VPS hosting, the pricing is reasonable.

Even better, to make customers feel safe and happy here, A2Hosting provides anytime money back guarantee. Customers can request to stop A2Hosting cloud hosting accounts anytime they want, and ask a full refund of hosting fees. Customers can check out A2Hosting Coupon to learn more special deals here.

A2Hosting Cloud Hosting – Reliability and Speed

A2Hosting is very confident to its web hosting service and technology, so it claims that customers on A2Hosting cloud hosting will all backed by its 99.9% uptime commitment.

To keep such a high uptime, A2Hosting uses its fully-equipped data centers which include expertly tuned servers quadruple redundant network as well as redundant power with diesel generators and UPS systems. Highly armed data center creates a more reliable environment for customers’ websites. 

What’s more, A2Hosting provides Cloud Disaster Recovery in customers’ cloud console which will recover their cloud anytime they need, especially during the worst case scenario. To keep that uptime, A2Hosting even offers more. Free high-availability failover is available for all customers to enhance the reliability as well as the ultimate in redundancy. A2Hosting cloud hosting is based on its VPS hosting, so customers will get the better security and privacy than those running on cloud shared hosting solutions. 

A2Hosting will focus on making sure customers get the fastest ages loads. A2Hosting not only offers VPS hosting as the configuration environment for cloud hosting, but also hosts customers’ clouds on A2Hodting SwiftServers. These servers are the company’s fine-tuned, high performance platform which contains all A2Hosting speed teaks as well as measures designed to ensure customers obtain the fastest page loads possible. They have advanced features to enhance it, such as 300% faster solid state drives, modern hardware and redundant network. So, that’s why A2Hosting can offer the blazing fast page load speeds.

A2Hosting Cloud Hosting – Customer Support

A2Hosting Cloud hosting is manage solutions, so customers will get 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support. A2Hosting support team consists of knowledgeable and highly trained experts who can serve customers in a good manner. When customers are stuck by some hosting troubles or website issues, they can feel free to contact A2Hosting via support ticket, phone call and live chat. These methods are open to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to that, A2Hosting has well-managed knowledge base and company blog. When customers are willing to learn more technical skills or essential product information, they can go to these places. 


We have reviewed A2Hosting cloud hosting from various aspects, and now we learn that A2Hosting cloud hosting is based on VPS hosting, offering extraordinary flexibility, reliability and security, so customers can enjoy the best possible user experience on A2Hosting cloud hosting. Also, A2Hosting offers cloud hosting with cutting-edge customer support, making customers focus on their business. Then, considering its VPS base and reasonable pricing, we think customers can have a try on A2Hosting cloud hosting.

To learn more about A2Hosting cloud hosting, please visit www.a2hosting.com.

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2018-05-21 10:04
I can obtain many benefits from using cloud hosting service. The main two benefits drive me  to choose cloud hosting. My website can be hosted on multiple servers, which results in minimized downtimes. On the other hand, I will have more customization options with cloud hosting. Thanks for your recommendation, I will take A2Hosting into consideration. 
2018-06-05 15:36
I have much interest in the A2Hosting cloud hosting. On one hand, A2Hosting is a web host who has enjoyed a great reputation in the market. On the other hand, cloud hosting attracts me a lot due to the great benefits. A professional answer to 'whether A2Hosting cloud hosting is good or not' is available in the review. Based on VPS, A2Hosting cloud hosting is really a good choice.
2018-06-08 14:58
It attracts me a lot that the A2Hosting cloud hosting is based on VPS. Thus I can enjoy optimized hosting performance, website security, and more. With the consideration of that, the prices are acceptable for me. Having high trust in the reputation and service quality, I am willing to host a website with the A2Hosting cloud hosting.