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HostUCan.com is designed to be the best place for webmasters to find the best tools and service available to create a web site, which include domain, web hosting, web design, SEO, making money online and more.

HostUCan is a Community

First of all, HostUCan is a community for webmasters and their service providers.

Server providers could submit their company profile, and service for free at HostUCan.com. They could also publish their latest deals and news.

Webmaster can use HostUCan Needs Oriented Product Search Engine to search for tools to meet their own needs, they could also reviews the service they have used.

The role HostUCan play in this community is to ensure all the reviews are real and give out a rating score to each service provider based on the review results to ensure the best service providers are recommended during search.

HostUCan Innovative Needs Oriented Product Search

Needs-oriented product search is not a new term, however HostUCan Product  Search Engine is the only one in Web Hosting industry. Instead of offering a simple search box, or searching web hosting based on the features of hosting product, our search engine will ask the basic profile of your web site such as Development Tool, traffic, and etc. and then based on your input, system will be intelligent enough to list out the web hosting solutions ordered by the relevancy to your needs.

The relevancy of hosting to your needs are determined by:

  • Customer reviews scores from the webmasters whose sites have the close profile as yours
  • Professional editor reviews if any
  • Number of reviews collected. System will rank high for product which have been reviewed 100 times with a score at 4.3 instead of a product only be reviewed 5 times with a score of 4.5.
  • Uptime of the product (the data comes from HostUCan website monitoring service)
  • Years in business
  • Hosting types and features
  • Price
  • And others

Why HostUCan

HostUCan wants to be the best friend of webmasters, we have developed a serials of tools to help webmaster to find the best available services to create a web site, which include

  • Domain Name Search. Our domain name search will not only tell you whether a domain has been registered or not, it also could list out the domain fees from all major domain registrars which will help saving some to during domain registration. Besides if the domain has been registered by some one else, the system will list of its selling price in domain marketplace (such as Sedo, Godaddy) if the owner is trying to sell it now.
  • Web Hosting Search and Review: HostUCan is dedicated to help people find the best web hosting solutions to meet their needs. We have one of the world largest web hosting solution database with thousands of solutions indexed. People could search for web hosting solutions based on their needs, the could also review those service after using them.
  • Who is Hosting This: Find a site run very fast, want to know which web host it is using? Try out our Who is Hosting This tool, it will reveal all the secret for you,
  • Best Price: HostUCan.com is a place where a lot of web hosts, domain registrars, or web design service providers are sharing their latest deals. With our webmaster deal search tool, you could find all the latest promotions in webmaster world.
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