After the WannaCry Virus Fastshosts Moves to a New Backup Platform

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Fasthosts has now reinstated customer access to backups. The U.K based web hosting provider was deranged when the company tried to safeguard its systems from the WannaCry ransomeware that had led to locking of thousands of computers last Friday. 

As soon as the WannaCry virus began its attack, Fasthosts shut down all the systems that were running Windows Server 2003. This was unsupported making it susceptible to the ransomware virus, which had already compromised thousands of computers. The customers of Fasthosts did not have access to backup which was restored only on Tuesday and for some it was early Wednesday morning according to the U.S Pacific time.

Fasthosts had informed their customers about this shut down through an email on Tuesday. The service outage was a precautionary measure taken to avoid the WannaCry ransomware virus. They also confirmed that there was no security breach that took place. 

The email stated that since Fasthosts take their security system very seriously they were shutting down the Windows 2003 platform instantly and they would be migrating the service of their customers to a new backup platform. Once the changes have been made the service would be made available. The customers would have to update their backup password in their Control Panel and also add the IPs of the new platform to their backup scripts if required. Once the migration was complete the company would send them an official email informing about it.

Fasthosts disclosed through Twitter that 82 dedicated server customers were affected, although other reports say that there were many more small organizations that have been affected by this shut down. In the 82 customers some of them are IT service providers.

The WannaCry Virus was a global attack which left the cyber police baffled. There were 150 countries and about 200,000 systems which affected. Deutshe Bahn, Chinese government agencies, Fedex, hospitals, Nissan Motors and Renault were all locked out. Locating hackers is the most difficult job for they could be located in any part of the world. Their activities are disguised cleverly in an intricate online bionetwork of black market. Usually the suspects are from Russia and Eastern Europe – places which are quite hard for the law to reach out. Russia and United Kingdom were the worst hit. The system has already started their research and following days would include intense interviewing sessions and evidence collection. 

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