Alibaba Cloud Launches Next-Gen Cloud Storage Engine 2.0

The cold winter is coming, but cloud storage market rings in long-awaited warm current. 

On January 9, Alibaba Cloud announced that it released a new series of high-performance, enterprise-grade storage products including next-gen cloud block storage, ultra-fast OSS, NAS Plus and more. 

Meanwhile, Alibaba Cloud has fully upgraded its distributed storage engine, so that its distributed storage engine now comes with at most 50 times faster performance. Customers can have an ultra-fast experience upgraded like from highway to high-speed train. 

After sequentially launching enterprise-class cloud servers, network, databases and heterogeneous computing, Alibaba Cloud has fulfilled its enterprise-class service market deployments on full scale. 

According to Alibaba Cloud storage product director, Xu Guojing, besides capacity and speed, cloud storage now is developing towards diversity and inclusion, and the boundaries between online and offline storage are disappearing. All Alibaba Cloud has to do is to provide different types of companies with high-performance storage solutions in any places. 

Currently, Alibaba Cloud has completed its high-performance layout in the storage field, including on-cloud storage family like block storage and distributed storage, hybrid cloud storage services such as hybrid cloud storage array and hybrid cloud disaster recovery, as well as high-performance distributed proprietary storage solutions. 

Next-gen distributed storage engine brings 50X performance improvement

When enterprises are deploying their business on the cloud, the load often comes from frequent storage I/O, and the storage performance always impacts if users’ business deployed on the cloud can be conducted smoothly. 

Alibaba Cloud now launched the next-gen, distributed storage engine. The company has further tapped the new cloud storage engine’s potentials in the aspects of the performance, reliability, cost, and automated operation and maintenance. So, this new cloud storage engine 2.o can offer microsecond latency and million class IOPS on bottom layer. As the size increases resiliently, the new cloud storage engine can support almost unlimited quantity of documents.

Based on the new-generation distributed cloud storage engine, Alibaba Cloud put high-performance enterprise-class storage product family in the market. Compared with the last-generation storage products, the optimization in the new-generation, enterprise-class storage products show up to a 50x boost in performance, and the latest family now comes with many new products added, such as ESSD cloud storage, ultra-fast OSS, and NAS Plus. 

Taking the ultra-high-performance cloud storage ESSD as an instance, we can find that ESSD can offer up to 1 million of random access capacity per single disk. It is 50 times that SSD cloud storage has. By far, the new ESSD cloud storage is the highest-performance enterprise-class block storage service that Alibaba Cloud offers. For customers, there is good news that Alibaba Cloud offers it at the same price of the last-generation products. It starts at ¥1/GB/month, supporting 

Breaking online and offline boundary allows enterpirse-calss cloud storage everywhere

Data generates value because it is online, which makes the boundaries between online storage and offline storage become more and more vague. At present, the traditional storage can get the elastic computing power and flexible scalability.  

According to reports, Alibaba Cloud have formed a whole set of high-performance enterprise-class storage product line including public cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud. In detail, there is OSS, Block Storage, NAS, Shared Block Storage, Table Storage, Archive Storage, as well as hybrid cloud storage series. Besides, Alibaba Cloud still offers online and offline data transfer. 

These products and services are geared to those internet customers born on the Internet such as Weibo, MangoTV, and OFO. Also, Alibaba Cloud provides those non-internet companies in the areas of astronomy, ocean, climate, and gene, with high-performance offline private storage solutions, like NAS series, which can meet the demands for TB bandwidth and high throughput, to create on-cloud supercomputer center with linear scalability.

Previously, Alibaba Cloud announced partnership with National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC), and joint force on researching big data about astronomy science. At present, NAOC saves the data about 350 million stars on Alibaba Cloud OSS, to calculate, analyze and open to the public. 

Powerful security makes Alibaba Cloud enter Gartner Magic Quadrant for twice

Gartner recently published 2017 Global Cloud Computing Cloud Storage Magic Quadrant, and Alibaba Cloud was listed in Visionaries and was places in Fourth among global top-class storage vendors.

Alibaba Cloud’s ultra-reliable security capability including enterprise-class, multi-layer protection, multi-region disaster recovery and microsecond CDP data protection are regarded as the key factor that the company can enter into Gartner Magic Quadrant for two consecutive years. Analysts thought that the current storage product series of Alibaba Cloud show tis potential and make the company a powerful competitor and replacer to those super-large-scale cloud service providers in the world.

In addition, Xu said data security and user privacy is the top priority in Alibaba Cloud, and the company has invested a lot in data security. More importantly, Alibaba Cloud is the only one cloud vendor that gets through Germany C5 fundamental rules and additional requirements, ensuring user data on is always secure and reliable. 

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