Finally! Alphabet Forms XXVI Holdings to Legally Separate Google

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Lasting for 2 years, the parent company Alphabet finally completed the business reorganization to split Google into separate companies under the parent company, and the reorganization is closed with the formation of XXVI Holdings.

Compared with the parent company name Alphabet, we all know the name Google better and often think it as Google as well. However, after Alphabet finishes this reorganization with XXVI Holdings, Google now is one a separate company only belonging to this tech giant called Alphabet. 

Actually, in 2015, Google started to reorganize its business divisions as it bought other innovative companies, to form a large tech company group, and since then it rebranded as Alphabet. Two years later, this giant achieved its reorganization and finally forms a new hosting group as XXVI Holdings.

An FCC filing says that XXVI Holdings Inc. was finalized on Friday. We know that Google rebranded it into a collection of a series of companies in 2015. Google bringing ad and search revenues was place under its parent company named Alphabet, in the same level as other previous Google subsidiaries. 

According to Alphabet’s confirmation, the parent company said that it is updating its corporate structure to take effect these changes that it announced with the formation of Alphabet in 2015. The final restructure include the conversion from Google Inc. to Google LLLC, as well as the formation of this new intermediate hosting firm with Alphabet’s control, called XXVI Holdings Inc. So, XXVI Holdings is the final restructure of the company.

As the new hosting company’s name, in the roman numerals, XXVI means 26, and it is just 26 letters in alphabet. 

Legally Separate Google

The final formation of the new holding company allows the parent company Alphabet to legally separate Google from its subsidiaries. As a matter of fact, this move means that Google is officially and legally separate, and it and its subsidiaries are both legally under Alphabet now. 

At present, XXVI Holdings Inc. has all the equity in all Alphabet companies, and lets Google be on the same legal level as its previous subsidiaries are. Meanwhile, Google will become a limited liability corporate which Alphabet thinks better.

Alphabet also said that based on this final corporate restructure, the company and Google can be run in a more transparent, economical and efficient way. And that allows the collection of companies to focus on revenue generation programs in their own aspects.

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