Amazon Web Services Opens Second Region in China

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Amazon’s professional cloud computing service, Amazon Web Services (aka AWS) yesterday launched that the second Chinese cloud region is generally available now, offering customers another environment. For the second cloud region in China, it is located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the northwest of China, and consists of two different Availability Zones. Each zone is formed with a collection of data centers. 

These data centers will be operated by Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology Ltd., even though the firm will provides many AWS services which are available in other cloud regions. This arrangement is also conducted in AWS’ first cloud region in China, where it partners with Sinnet to operate data centers there.

For many tech firms in the world, China is a huge market and its demands are increasing rapidly. So, now the newly created cloud region in China is conducive to occupy more market shares for AWS. The second Chinese cloud region cannot only offer Chinese companies the computing capabilities, but also provide an execution environment to the businesses outside China for their technologies inside the country. 

However, the competition in China is also fierce as well. Besides Chinese cloud computing providers like Tencent and Alibaba Cloud, the cloud service providers outside China also come into China and now are participating in Chinese cloud market. At present, Microsoft now operates two cloud regions in China as well, which are located in Beijing and Shanghai with data centers respectively. Chinese cloud computing service vendors Tencent and Alibaba are not only offering cloud services inside China, but also fighting outside China as well. 

One month ago, AWS sold Sinnet its hardware deployed in AWS’ Beijing data centers, and it was the response of the company to Chinese government’s new regulations. At that time, AWS has ever said that the company still keeps committed to Chinese cloud computing market. Now, the news shows the large tech firm is continuing to deploy its cloud regions in China to march along.

As for the unique arrangement of data center operation for AWS’ cloud regions in China, it also show that China is very different from other markets around the world where those cloud service providers operate data centers themselves. For instance, customers who need to tap into AWS’ two cloud regions have to request an account from a special site. 

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