ANHosting Interview with Brand Manager Lance Weeks

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About Lance Weeks

LanceI am the Brand Manager of I basically eat, drink and sleep hosting and strive for the continually success of the AN Hosting brand. My responsibilities include: managing a brand plan, understanding brand metrics/analytics, driving promotions, social media campaigns, client communications, web site management, working closely with sales, marketing, support and other functional teams within the company. I also work hard to “innovate” with regard to our web hosting product

BWH2Go Interview

What is the history of your company?

AN Hosting began in a basement office by two individuals in 2001, Ahn and Nick (hence A.N. Hosting) and has been hosting thousands upon thousands of websites all over the world ever since. The company has grown immensely the past few years and is part of a team of over 100 employees. AN Hosting is also a part of the UK2 Group which is a global group of web hosting brands formed to provide quality web hosting for any hosting need.

Can you shortly introduce your product, and its target markets?

We provide a simple, no-hassle web hosting solution for users of open source projects (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc.)

What makes AN Hosting different to other hosting companies?

Some of our core values include personable and helpful customer service, fast setup and website building, along with easy usability. Since our business continues to offer a simple, no-hassle solution, it’s ideal for developers, designers, and new users who love open source applications. We are continually creating ways to be involved in the open source community and to help developers feel that they’re part of something bigger. We will specialize and focus on these applications more so than our competitors.

Why should somebody choose your company over another host?

Even though we make web hosting as simple as possible and come recommended for hosting Drupal or WordPress sites, we are well-known for our 24/7 customer service and have been presented with multiple awards for our hosting service. We have been in business for almost 10 years now and know what our clients expect from a web host.

Can you say something about your data center and servers?

All new accounts are stored within a top-tiered c7 Datacenter - which uses some of the most advanced and reliable technologies available. It’s located close to our corporate offices and has onsite staffing from our company 24 hours a day, seven days a week. C7 is a teir-3 data center which provides the same level of security that you would expect to find with major banking and financial institutions and is also located in a designated disaster-safe zone.

Some of the main features include:

  • Redundant power sources
  • Multiple network carriers
  • On-site professional staff
  • SAS 70 Type II compliant
  • Tier 3 classification
  • 30” raised floor
  • Advanced canopy cold row cooling
  • VESDA smoke detection system
  • 24×7 security and digital video surveillance

How AN Hosting offers support service to the customers?

We understand that there are all levels of web hosting users, and so we want to be available to help. Our support staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone, live chat, and email. Our customers have quick access to them and experience very low or non-existent hold times. We are continually creating online documentation and help tutorials in order to make our client’s web hosting experience easier. Having our client’s sites safe and online is our number one priority, so we do everything we can to make ourselves available to them if they need us.

How do you see the web hosting market changing in the upcoming few years, and how AN Hosting conform to this trend?

We all know that with time; technology advances, and the web hosting industry is no exception. There are robust and unique hosting solutions out there being developed at a rapid rate – but more often than not, they are more technical than most users prefer. We will always make hosting technology simple for our clients. I also see many ‘hosters’ conform to the ‘pricing game’ and race to be the cheapest web hosting provider. AN Hosting will continue to be a leader in the web hosting industry at an affordable price, without sacrificing the quality of our service or value to be cheaper than the next host.

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