Apple Cracking Down on VPN-Based Ad Blockers

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Apple is reportedly updating bans on VPN-based ad blockers that work in 3rd party apps. According to the CTO of Future Mind, Tomasz Koperski, Apple is no longer enabling VPN/root certificate-based ad blockers like AdBlock on the App Store and will refuse to accept any updates of existing ad blocker software that make use of techniques going forward.

When asked about the reasons of rejection, Apple explained that all rejected apps had violated section 4.2 of its App Store Developer Guidelines, which reads the following:

Specifically, Apple told Future Mind that since AdBlock blocks ads and other content in a 3rd party app by taking advantage of a VPN profile or root certificate, so its update was rejected.

The only Apple-supported ad blockers that are enabled for going forward should be Safari content blockers. On the other side, other ad blockers will be limited to use or even forbidden in the Safari web browser.

However, besides third party ad blocking tools, some other software will also be integrated with ad blocking modules. It appears Apple may be in the process of cracking down on this type of apps, while some VPN/root certificate based ad blockers still remaining available for download in the App Store.

It is commonly understood that many software developers are profiting from embedding advertising in apps in iOS ecosystem. Therefore, the more ad blockers, the less income. No one knows why Apple decides to start this ad blockers cleaning-up campaign. But apparently, the tech company is trying to regain absolute control of ad blocking in apps as well as in browsers so as to help iOS software developers avoid benefit lost.

In the wave of mobile internet companies diving into ad blocking during the past two years, Apple moves ahead rapidly through the announcement of Safari content blockers. Other browser providers like Microsoft Edge are closing behind it launching support for ad blocking one after another.

Citing reliable sources, the world’s leading search engine giant also the owner of world’s largest browser Google is going to launch an ad-blocker inside Chrome.

In the era of mobile internet, more and more people are annoyed at network advertisement here and there. It negatively impacts people’s reading experience, in addition to wasting their valuable data traffic. What Apple hopes to do by supporting ad blocking is protecting iOS users from such damage and loss. 

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