Arvixe vs WinHost vs DiscountASP.NET

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arvixe vs winhost vs discountasp.netArvixe, WinHost and are all popular windows hosting for ASP.NET developers and small business owners. All of them are Microsoft Golden Hosting partner. When choosing between these companies, there are several factors to consider such as their datacenter Infrastructure, price value, features, pricing, reliability and customer support. Below, we will compare Arvixe, WinHost and in all above areas to see which is the best suited for you.

First, you could check out Arvixe Review, Review and WinHost Review to know some background about these companies, and what their customers talk about their service.

Arvixe vs WinHost vs DiscountASP.NET – Datacenters Comparison

The Data center infrastructure is an essential aspect to determine the quality of a window hosting services. To compare these 3 web hosts, we will start of by introducing their data centers.

Arvixe utilizes Softlayer’s datacenter to ensure the maximum speed and uptime, this allows Arvixe to utilize ASP.NET hosting to the most advanced methods, high-powered network , including redundant power generators, uninterrupted power supply ,multi-tiered network architecture, and state-of-the-art network operations center – all designed to ensure that servers work and run effectively.

Essentially, WinHost and belong to the same company and both share the same datacenter in the US and Europe. Their datacenters are equipped with Dell dual quad servers, RAID 10 Disk Array, UPS Battery backup power and provide firewall protection. The main difference between them are their windows hosting features, price value and customer support.

Compared with the tire-3 data center used by Arvixe, DiscountASP.NET and Winhost data center are only certificated at Tire-1, which means they could only guarantee a 99.671% network uptime.

Arvixe vs WinHost vs DiscountASP.NET – Hosting Features

Arvixe offers more general hosting features compared with WinHost and Arvixe windows plans include: Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Data Transfer, 6 Websites (Domains) and a 1 Free Domain For Life.

Compared to Arvixe, WinHost and doesn't offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. WinHost offers: 3 GB of Website Disk Space and 50GB of bandwidth, while offers; Disk Space 1000 MB, Monthly Data Transfer 80 GB. However with both WinHost and you get International Domain Names Hosted.

Arvixe vs WinHost vs DiscountASP.NET – Price Value

In terms of pricing you can see below that Arvixe is the cheapest and also offers some key features in their hosting plans compared with both WinHost and

Web Hosts Regular Price Discounted Price Key Features
Arvixe PersonalClass ASP $5.00/mo $3.50/mo
  • PHP 5, Perl & Python
  • Nightly security updates & daily R1Soft backups
  • Windows 2012 with IIS8 & remote IIS management
  • Full trust support & dedicated application pools
WinHost Window Basic $4.95/mo $3.95/mo
  • Windows 2012 with IIS8.0 hosting & Windows 2008 with IIS 7.0 hosting
  • 1-click web application
  • Full trust support & isolated application pool $10.00/mo $5.00/mo
  • MS SQL CE4, MySQL 5 & MS SQL Server 2012
  • Full trust support

Arvixe regular price for their windows hosting is $5.00/month, but customers can receive a 30% discount by going through this special Arvixe Windows Promotion Link which will work out to be $3.50/month. This makes Arvixe one of the most affordable windows hosting in the industry. The company also provides a 60 day money back guarantee and WinHost and provide a 30 day money guarantee.

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Arvixe vs WinHost vs DiscountASP.NET – Customer Support

Arvixe has an excellent Tech support over every available online resource including website chat, hotline numbers, ticket, social network and more. While WinHost and should improve, mainly because you can only contact their customer support team by email and support portal only, meaning customers will have to wait longer for their questions/issues to be addressed.

However Winhost and DiscountASP.NET very focus on ASP.NET hosting, and all their engineers are good at Windows and ASP.NET technology, which means they could help resolving your issues more effectively than Arvixe.

How to choose between: Arvixe, WinHost, or DiscountASP.NET?

In conclusion, we feel Arvixe is a better choice for ASP.NET developers consider its rich features, lower price, and industry-leading datacenter and technology. Besides, Arvixe also offer VPS and Dedicated Server hosting on Windows, which means it could better meet your hosting needs if the traffic of your web sites bounce quickly. However Winhost and DiscountASP.NET are still a good choice consider their professional customer support.

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