Aurora Private Equity and ChinaNetCenter to Establish Industrial Investment Fund with RMB 500M in Initiative

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On July 13th, ChinaNetCenter announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shanghai ChinaNetCenter Investment Management Company Limited and Shanghai Aurora Private Equity reached an agreement to jointly invested and established Shanghai ChianNetCenter & Aurora Private Equity Industrial Investment Fund (limited partnership) (which is a temporary name, and the official name will be the oen approved by administrative bureau for industry and commerce. it is hereinafter referred to as “Investment Fund”). 

In the initial period, the Investment Fund aims at raising RAM 500M. It will mainly focus on TMT industry investments, especially the areas of new technology colony, new network consumption, and so on. The investment stage will center on growth period, and IPO as well as M&A will the major withdraw channels in the future. The first close of the Investment Fund is expected to be completed in the end of August. 

It is reported that ChinaNetCenter was founded in 2000. As one of Chinese professional cloud services porviders, the company mostly focuses on the Internet content distribution and acceleration (CDN), cloud computing, cloud security, globally distributed data centers, and more. In 2015, it occupied up to 40.6% market share in China’s CDN market, which was the top of the industry.

With the next-gen Internet and AR/VR coming, the whole Internet’s demand on CDN increases day by day, and requires higher capacity of content distribution of the whole Internet. Under this circumstance, the Investment Fund’s investment will mainly focus on “extensive flow service industry chain”, covering TV internet, short video/ live broadcast platforms, video consumption upgrade, and more fields. Up till now, ChinaNetCenter has served more than 3000 premium internet customers, which will be a significant resource pool where the Investment Fund can filter and evaluate programs. 

As a LP of Aurora Private Equity’s first issue of Growing and M&A Fund, ChinaNetCenter has worked with Aurora Private Equity for many years. Meanwhile, Aurora Private Equity has a deep understanding about ChinaNetCenter’s strategic layout. On this base, the two companies further deepened their cooperation model and jointly established this “1+1” specially industrial investment fund. 

Depending on ChinaNetCenter’s powerful industry background and rich industrial chain resources, the new Investment Fund will invest in the excellent, long-term programs in the new network technology and new Internet consumption areas around the next-gen Internet. 

Before that, Aurora Private Equity has rich accumulation in the industry related to big data and cloud computing. It has sequentially invested in some high-quality programs, such as Syscloud, ESDTED, and BinGoSoft. The establishment of “ChinaNetCenter & Aurora Private Equity Industrial Investment Fund” will be helpful to Aurora Private Equity to increase the investment layout in this area. 

Aurora Private Equity was founded by former senior partner of CDH Ventures, Yan XiaoPing, in May, 2015. It is a private equity investment organization, focusing on investing in the growth period and M&A of emerging economic industries, such as TMT, big consumption, and innovative service upgrade. By far, the company is managing two funds, with RAM 1.5 billion in total. Headquartered in Beijing, Aurora Private Equity also set up offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

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