AWS Enhances IoT Services with AI, Management, and Security Tools

Amazon’s cloud platform, AWS has been expanding its capabilities in to empower IoT application, and just yesterday the company announced a new suite of services based on its cloud platform. Those services enables users to easier deliver machine learning models down to those edge devices, and they can secure and mange then, as well as analyze their data more readily.

New services can assist Amazon utilize an increasing set of workloads which are suited well for the integration with the cloud computing. As a matter of fact, IoT workloads usually have the need for managing a great number of devices and store massive amount of data that can constantly grows. These needs make big cloud computing platforms such as AWS an optimal option to deal with the task. 

As for the newly released services for enhancing capabilities for IoT, a fresh Greengrass ML Inference is one of them, which enables users to deploy those trained machine learning models down to the edge devices more easily. So, there is a high possibility that users can make any intelligent decision without accessing to the cloud. 

Actually, the Greengrass is a platform of AWS to run code on the remote devices, when users are managing the process via the cloud. But now, the new Greengrass enables intelligent algorithms more easily to the edge devices. The new feature is very important for the situations in which developers demand inconsistent network connectivity or the applications requiring quick decision-making with extremely low latency. 

Besides, AWS also introduced some new services to help customers manage and secure an IoT devices’ network:

  • IoT Device Management is available now, which allows users to onboard, retire, organize, as well as manage their IoT devices remotely. 
  • AWS IoT Analytics is a managed service to process, clean, and store data which is available for further processing by machine learning algorithms. In short, it helps in bringing data from those edge devices into the cloud where the data will be analyzed and understood for intelligent decision making. 
  • IoT Device Defender will be available for the first half of next year, which is the service to watch over edge devices registered with AWS, for the sake of safety. Also, the service also offers continuous auditing so as to make sure the edge devices are fully complying with the security policy. Real-time detection migration and remediation tools will be included as well.  

Other more, AWS offers a new IoT 1-click service, now in preview, which will allows developers to easily connect an edge device to the cloud as well as load up the device with a pre-defined code snippet that is created by taking advantage of AWS’ Lambda service. 

These new services were introduced at AWS’ re:Invent Customer Conference in Las Vegas. At the big event, the company really announced a plenty of new services, and most of them are for beefing up its IoT capabilities.

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