Azure Growth: Microsoft Confirms Two New Azure Regions in Australia

Microsoft now is expanding its Azure cloud services reach in Australia. Two new regions of Microsoft Azure cloud services will mainly deal with those unclassified as well as protected government data.

With the fiercer competition in cloud market, many cloud vendors are taking different and similar ways to promote their cloud services. At Microsoft, it is expanding Azure cloud platform with more regions. Now, it is adding two additional presence in Australia to bring cloud services to much more users Down Under. With the already existing regions in Australia, this release makes Microsoft Azure cloud regions to be four here.

Counting all the regions of Azure in the world, we find it has reached up to 42 regions. It is obvious that Microsoft makes use of expanding its Azure cloud regions to continuously develop its network as well as services. As cloud service becomes one of the significant parts of Microsoft’s business, its Azure has become a significant driving force for its revenue growth for these years. 

Although with such strong growth, Microsoft trails AWS in the cloud offering market by a wide margin. And, it is competing and will continue to fight with AWS in the means of expanding its Azure cloud platform presence.

The company confirms that the two new Australian Azure regions will set off within the first half of 2018. To be more specific, Microsoft also points out that the two Australian regions will be specially designed for handling unclassified as well as protected government workloads.

According to Australian laws, the “protected” should be, for the classified information, the first-level national security. Microsoft also confirms that it is partnering Canberra Data Centers so as to make sure that the both regions can manage protected workloads.

As for Canberra Data Centers, the company focuses on offering specialization in managing host secure government data. With two existing regions, the new markets are going to run cybersecurity, machine learning, IoT workloads, and data management for  Australian Signals Director, Australian intelligence agency.

Growth of Azure 

In the latest revenue report, Microsoft said that its intelligent cloud part is continuing to drive the revenue growth of Microsoft.

In all, its revenue was up to $24.7 billion non-GAAP or $23.3 GAAP, while it was $22.6 billion non-GAAP or $20.6 billion GAAP last year. Its operating income of this quarter was up to $7 billion non-GAAP ($5.3 GAAP).

Azure performed an important role for the growth. It recorded $7.4 billion revenue, an 11% increase. This was driven by the growth in the revenue of cloud services and server products, up to 15%. As for Azure alone, it was up by 97%.

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