Baidu Launched ABC Inspire In the Face with Cloud 2.0 Evolution

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China’s tech giant Baidu has announced a new upgrade of ABC Inspire concept and logo at the ABC Summit in Beijing on Sept. 15, 2017, to identify all of its products in big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Additionally, Baidu rolled out an all-inclusive, movable machine at the summit for traditional industries like steel, finance and media, indicating that cloud computing has been a cash cow for Chinese tech companies, especially Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent.

With the core theme of “Innovation, Coming for Revolution”, Baidu ABC Summit 2017 aims to take cloud computing to the next stage—from quantitative change to qualitative change and realize the integration of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence into industrial mainstream technologies.

At the summit, Baidu released a series of ABC-based products and services, including cloud acceleration chip—XPU, FPGA/GPU cloud server, and ABC-STACK.

“Cloud computing has evolved into the ‘cloud 2.0 era’,” said Zhang Yaqin, president of Baidu. According to Zhang, the biggest distinction between “cloud 2.0 era” and “cloud 1.0 era” was the former features integration with big data and AI, while the latter was recognized as an infrastructure building and mass services.

Mr. Zhang believed that the evolution of “cloud 2.0 era” would bring about dramatic change in everything, from data to information, to decision-making and industry insight.

Baidu’s all-in-one machine, with the integration of cloud computing, data storage, and data processing capabilities, will enable a company to quickly create a deep learning platform that integrates Baidu’s AI models into its own deep learning models.

Shougang Automation and Information Company Ltd is one of the first companies in traditional industries that adopts Baidu’s all-in-one machine for detecting inferior products.

The machine managed to detect out 9,714 standard products from a 10,000-product sample, when it was demonstrated in real time at the ABC Summit by the chief architect of Baidu Cloud.

Shougang’s general manager She Guoping later unveiled the manual check figure that was worked out by workers on the spot—9,712 standard products.

As the first tech company in China to announce the ABC Inspire logo in the AI sector as well as the first to roll out an en-to-end machine, Baidu seems to have taken a step ahead of its rivals like Tencent and Alibaba in exporting artificial intelligence technologies and branding combined capacity in ABC.

This branding move will help Baidu accelerate integration of cloud computing, autonomous driving, and other scattered business. Besides, it is a significantly important step for Baidu to showcase its edge in AI and upgrade its stereotype image as a search engine company.

Since the all-in-one machine can help reduce data leakage risks at the same time, it is expected to boost mainstream adoption by traditional companies, who are yearn for harnessing the power of big data, AI and cloud computing in the process of business optimization.  

Published figures show that Baidu Cloud customer base has increased by 1000% year-over-year, nearly 11 times more than its customer base in 2016. The company is seeing 8 times increases in traffic over the past year, which generates 4 times growth in revenue. 

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