Baidu Released DuerOS Smart Chip: AI Industrialization Depends on Algorithm and Chips

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Baidu, ARM, Tsinghua UniGroup and High-Flying (HF) jointly issued DuerOS intelligent chip, which is designed as a one-stop intelligent voice interaction solutions, based on costs, performance, and ease-of-use. Since Baidu Duer BU was independent, DuerOS intelligent chip is the first significant product Duer BU issued.

According to the introduction by Zhu Kaihua, CTO of Baidu Duer BU, DuerOS intelligent chip comes with low-cost chips and modules, with built-in DuerOS; even better, with great ease-of-use, DuerOS intelligent chips can be used along with any hardware. 

On February 16th, 2017, Baidu official announced to upgrade its Duer team to Duer business unit, and Jing Kun, Baidu Lead Architect would take the role of Duer Bu’s general manager. After the personnel adjustment, Jing Kun now can directly report to Lu Qi, CEO and COO of Baidu.

On the one hand, Baidu making Duer BU independent can be regarded that Baidu looks good to voice intelligent interaction AI; one the other hand it shows the determination of Duer’s commercialization and large-scale application. Generally, making Duer BU independent is a significant action that Lu Qi accelerates Baidu AI strategic layout and AI productization as well as the process of marketization. 

In fact, before Duer team upgrading and being independent, Baidu Duer ever cooperated with KFC, offering AI concept stores “Original+”. During the national college entrance exams, Baidu applied Duer into the service for the candidates of the national college entrance exams, to look for the info about their future colleges. Combining with CITIC Guoan BN, Baidu developed AI TV box, with DuerOS AI operating system. Besides, Baidu also ever cooperated with Xiaoyuzaijia to release personal AI assistant robots.

After upgrading and being independent, Duer BU, as the software provider, had cooperation with Haier and Midea successively, which also accelerates the Duer’s scenario practice. 

Currently, Baidu combines with hardware vendor to push out DuerOS smart chips, which can be considered the new exploration in terms of AI and hardware integration. Namely, Baidu changes the way of applying Duer into chips, to make Duer be more quickly and widely applied to more scenarios. 

It is worth noting that the announcement of DuerOS smart chips can show that Baidu are using the combination of “algorithm+chip” to realize the AI industrial practice. Before that, Baidu and Nvidia even reached a strategic cooperation that is to develop a structure platform from cloud to car by the cooperation between Baidu algorithm and Nvidia GPU chips. Thus it can be seen that Baidu has the strong determination to practice the new combination between algorithm and chips. 

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