Basic Features of Free Web Hosting

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Basic Features of Free Web Hosting

There is nothing bad in trying to save some cash by opting for a free web hosting service for your new startup or company. There are hundreds of companies that offer you free web hosting services. However, it is important that you be able to identify the best web hosting features list so that you can work uninterruptedly. From the many options that are available it is a task that is not so easy. You need to identify the most important features required by the type of business you are doing before you finalize on the web hosting features list. Read on for the web hosting features list which you would get if you select a free web hosting service.

Website Creator and File Transfer Protocol

If you don’t have any scripting experience and this is your first website then a website creating application is something that a free website hosting service should definitely provide. This website creating application can help you in designing a website just by selecting a template and then building it with images and text of your choice and business requirement.

File Transfer Protocol or FTP is the procedure to transfer your website files from the PC to the free web hosting server or contrariwise. With this feature you can upload all your multimedia files, images and other website files from PC to the server of the service provider. You could also download files from your web hosting server to the PC. Any good free web hosting server will provide you unobstructed File Transfer Protocol round the clock.

Bandwidth and Disk Space

Bandwidth is the extent of traffic which is permitted to be accessed and leave the website. Access here is referred to the number of times that a visitor types the name of your website on their browser. Whereas leave stands for the visitors getting something from your website every time they visit such as downloading a file, listening to an audio clip or downloading an image etc. For instance, if your website is one with many images then you would require a greater bandwidth and more space for storage.

The amount of storage space is allotted by the free web hosting service provider to you is referred as disk space. The space is used for storing images, videos, audios, text, website files etc. that you use for your website.


In the web hosting feature list, the free web hosting service provider is also responsible for the email services which he should provide you. The @your email account needs to be set up with your website. Besides using for login, checking and managing all your emails through the web browser a webmail interface must also comprise of SMTP and POP3 access so that email can be set up and used on the smartphones and devices other than the PC.

Support and Uptime

Proper research and some time spent to browse a free web hosting service will help in getting the best web hosting feature list. Since the services they provide are free it is imperative that you check whether or not they have a dependable email and telephone support. 

Uptime is referred to the time when any computer is operating or working. Although there are no web hosting service providers who give 100% assured uptime because there are many situations such as power cuts that are not in their control, but they should offer ways to restrict the email and website downtime to as less as possible. These methods might comprise of backup and power supply on the location site, monitoring of the network and server 24/7, network configurations and redundant hardware. Although these technical terms may not be exactly understood by some it is important that you go through the website of the free web hosting provider and locate these terms. They should be listed in their site and if you cannot find them then ensure that you ask the free web hosting service provider about them.  

Ad’s on the Page 

Remember that anything free does have some hidden charges and in this case the charges although not paid by you the free web hosting service provider will recover them through advertisements. Placing Ad’s on a website page is not uncommon but having some which could offend your visitors or too many on the page that seems to be excessively bothering the customer who is unable to view the actual content, might not be good. Ensure that there is some sort of understanding between you and your free web hosting service provider on type of Ad’s placed on your website page. 

Ad’s could also be a way to earn so look out for free web hosting service providers that let you place your Ad’s on your website page.

Control Panel Features

Ideally a free web hosting feature list should offer features such as many free web templates, a script auto-installer, web based file manager, hotlink protection, IP deny manager, phpMyAdmin, multi-language support, a C panel which is the latest version, redirect URL and password protected diaries are the important ones. Ensure that your free web hosting service provider is providing you with these features. 


A free web hosting service should not charge you for anything. There is a zero investment involved here. All the features that have been displayed on the website of the free web hosting service provider, come for free. It is not necessary that you compromise for any banner Ad’s. If your free web hosting service provider is asking you so then it is advised that you dump them and look for one which permits you to use the services without any compulsion of placing advertisements. There are hundreds of options available on the net, you will easily be able to locate one that suits all your requirements.

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