Benefits of Email Hosting

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Benefits of Email Hosting

Email hosting is a service that enables businesses to access secure business emails and communicate effectively by making use of business-ready cloud email services. It is a great alternative to on-premise hosting especially for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) and generally all businesses, large or small, that wish not to or can’t devote resources to set up their own server at the workplace.  Business email hosting is professional and  is offered at a cost since it is more secure than free emailing services we are used to, is free from  unwanted advertisements and  can be customized to meet an organization’s needs. Most businesses would agree therefore that email hosting is worth the cost as it sets individual businesses apart from others in terms of credibility and in creating an enabling environment for conducting day to day business.

As opposed to businesses that do not use email hosting, businesses that use it have come to appreciate its benefits in helping them expand their businesses.  Needless to say, there are several benefits of email hosting. I have highlighted the main benefits below that might help you to consider using email hosting to advance your business.

Anti-spam and antivirus filters

Spam and other unsolicited messages consume storage and bandwidth.  Viruses usually alter, destroy or intercept business data once they gain entry to a system. It is not unusual for businesses to lose important confidential information through hackers and viruses. In the increasingly technological we live in today, there has been a rise of cyber crimes that target businesses by attacking their systems. Through the use of highly effective anti-spam and antivirus filters, email hosting services enhance the experience of using business email service. Who wants their business to lose credibility over the unintended delivery of inappropriate emails to clients anyway? Email hosting is very beneficial in ensuring that highly confidential business data is not accessed by unauthorized individuals, thus maintaining high business security and ethical standards.

Address book sharing

Using email hosting services, one can not only add contacts to their address book but also share the contact details with other email users within the address book. This facilitates networking within the business organization hence easy sharing of information. This is very beneficial for small and large businesses alike, as networking is the language of business today. Through address book sharing, one is able to connect with prospective clients as well as others in the business, thus providing a good platform for sharing information and improving business growth. Businesses are also able to expand to a wide geographical region through sharing information and connecting with clients in other regions. If for nothing else, you may want to consider email hosting for this particular reason because businesses that do not network are businesses that stagnate and eventually get out of business due to stiff competition from others willing to adopt all the options to remain relevant in business.

Sufficient storage

Email hosting services offer businesses with as much space as they require customized according to their business needs.  This flexibility enables email hosting service providers to accommodate most businesses as they are able to cater for their various needs. This one is a very important feature for businesses who would like to improve their business presence in a given region. The fact that you are able to accommodate other businesses means that your prowess in business is established and you are able to get the respect and admiration from others in the business field. In addition, enough storage means that you are able to conduct unlimited business to a larger clientele and business group.

The benefits stated above are just but a few to introduce you to the invaluable experience of email hosting.  If you are in business and are not using email hosting, you might want to reconsider using it because not only will your business gain credibility but you will also enjoy a whole range of benefits that could help soar your business to where you want it to be. Email hosting services are not only secure, free from spam and antivirus and offer sufficient storage but also are a cost worth meeting because they save you from ‘business trouble’ in the long-run.

Security in accessing webmail

This is the greatest benefit of email hosting. This is because the service providers often use the industry standard 128-bit encryption, alongside tools such as IMAP and POP which altogether ensure no loss of important business data and no unauthorized access to the business email.  Many would agree that security in business is the most delicate factor that makes or breaks a business. We have heard of businesses that went under overnight due to the theft of vital business data which crippled them from conducting further business. Anybody who wants to make it big in business may, therefore, want to consider email hosting in order to conduct business smoothly, without the usual interruptions from loss of vital business data.


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