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Are you looking for books to get you started with Joomla? Well you come to the right place.  Joomla is a content management system (CMS) which enables users to create online apps and websites and below we will share the top 5 best Joomla books you should read.

Joomla! Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide

joomla-explained-1Don’t have a technical background in Joomla? Well Joomla! Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide will guide you step-by step in detailed, logical and easy to understand book about all things related to Joomla from small to big, simple to complex. The book simplifies things to avoid difficult tasks that are unnecessary for beginners to understand.

This Best Joomla Book coverage includes:

  • Understanding what Joomla! does and how it works Installing the latest version of Joomla Navigating your site's visitor and administrator areas
  • Mastering workflows that make site creation easy Adding text, images, links, and formatting Creating efficient
  • A step by step Giving customized access to different types of users Managing site versions in multiple languages Efficiently administering, backing up, and updating sites

For more details check out Joomla! Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Joomla! Programming (Joomla! Press)

joomla-programming-1Joomla! Programming will present teach you the best practices for getting the job done right.  Users will gain knowledge about how Joomla works development and extending Joomla with layout overrides, modules, plugins, and other advanced techniques.

Users will learn:

  • Secure your websites with Joomla’s powerful, flexible new Access Control Lists
  • Enable one-click updates for your own custom extensions
  • Develop custom category structures for your own websites and extensions
  • Use the Joomla! platform as an application framework

Check out Joomla! Programming to know more

Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development

joomla-ext-dev-1Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development is for developers who want to create their own Joomla extensions.  This Joomla book with show users how to create your own plugins, modules, and components and this book is also an award-winning CMS, using hands-on, step-by-step examples.

Book covers:

  • Building Joomla component that looks and behaves like the core components.
  • Extending your components by allowing them to interact with modules and plugins
  • Introduces you to packaging your extensions for distribution to other Joomla users
  • Learn how to secure extensions and avoid common vulnerabilities

Get more information about this book at Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development – 3rd Edition

Joomla Templates

joomla-templates-1Joomla! Templates Book is a guide to template design, development, and customization with Joomla! Users will learn the basic concepts and advanced techniques, some of which include PHP, CSS, JavaScript, usability, information architecture, accessibility, and HTML 5.  The author will guide users through applying these technologies and best practices to construct and deploy world-class site templates.

Book coverage includes:

  • Designing responsive Joomla! sites and templates
  • Gaining knowledge about Joomla! templates and how there structured
  • Build your basic template structure into shape with HTML and CSS
  • Customization - Mastering advanced templates

For more details check out Joomla Templates 

Beginning Joomla! Expert’s Voice in Open Source

joomla-beginning-1Beginning Joomla! Is one of the most searched–for and hired–for open source content management systems in the world. This book shares plenty of tips and told to help you avoid mistakes made by those now starting out with Joomla.

Book content includes:

  • The best way for users to set up and install a Joomla! on a web server
  • Using add and create extensions and how they work
  • Access management and how images, documents, and other content are managed in Joomla! 1.5
  • SEO and E–commerce integration

For more info check out Beginning Joomla! Expert’s Voice in Open Source

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