CloudFest.china - 2018 Best Chinese Cloud Hosting Event!

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CloudFest.china (WHD.china) 2018 will be held in Shanghai in June, 2018 by HostUCan and CloudFest Global team with about 1,000 attendees, who are mainly hosters, domain registrars, software license distributors, end-users as well as large amount of industry experts. As the most International Cloud Event in China, CloudFest.china is the best opportunity for global businesses to develop their partners in China.

The cloud experts from world wide will gather together, discussing positive development of Internet economy. With the three topics of Growth, Connectivity and Learning, HostUCan prepares academic workshops, wonderful speeches, and abundant exhibition area. Besides, some other projects such as game zone, tea break, VIP dinner and more are set up in a relaxing atmosphere for entertainment. 

WHD (WorldHostingDays, renamed as CloudFest from 2018) is the biggest Cloud and Internet conference brand all over the world and has already become the most visible cloud event through the past 13-year efforts. China is also in the boosting time of cloud service and has joined in this event for 5 years. In 2018, with the name of WHD changed into CloudFest, the CloudFest.china is poised for presenting you the newest and perfect images. 

All the time, to meet the requirements of new international hosting market, web hosting providers focus on creation and innovation. The result is that changes and achievements bring better hosting experience and best service we’ve never been provided. However, it is far from adequate in such a competitive market which has grown into a diverse range of SMBs, agencies, developers, and content creators. Bandwidth, storage, and connectivity are not the only topics of cloud anymore; the specific services and niche markets are integrating into the cloud industry that everything from hardware to software, from apps to social media and from webmasters to hosting providers are extremely indispensable. 

CloudFest.china is a comprehensive platform, promoting the communication and business extension among the attendees and partners involved in cloud service industry chain constituted by operators, IDC, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Software & Hardware vendors, ISV, etc. In this event, you will get more chance to learn about the industry dynamics and have access to all the latest technologies, innovation and trends which are the most important part of the hosting market in the world. We promise that all the attendees will get extremely exciting to join us in the moment they step into the conference space. 

We even cannot wait to tell you how excited we feel about what we will offer you in this event. Whether you are the beginners of cloud hosting, or specialists in the industry, this event is absolutely the best Chinese Cloud Hosting that you cannot miss in 2018. If you are interested, do not hesitate and contact CloudFest.china team now for attendees and also sponsorship.

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