10+ Best Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress

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For bloggers or businesses, an easy to use and powerful content marketing plugin is a wonderful tool for their blogs. It can help you promote your great content in front of a wide range of readers to increase site traffic, subscribers and sales. In the following post, we will introduce 10+ reputable and easy to use content marketing WordPress plugins for you to improve your blog to another level. 

Why Use Content Marketing WordPress Plugins?

Normally, experienced webmasters create their content strategy by relying on their best guess. on the internet, there are thousands of hundreds of new content are created, and all of them compete with easy other so as to drive more audience to their websites.

However, it is not the best to lead your blog or business websites to a further succeed. That’s why there are so many content marketing tools and plugins created outside and popular among users. It can help bloggers or businesses to make a better content marketing plan driven by real data. 

Specifically, you can know what you should write on your site with the help from those smart content marketing tools, and better target the object content your users are just looking for. Also, you can know how to get more traffic by using current content on your site. 

With this idea in mind, let’s start to learn these easy-to-use and powerful WordPress tools or plugins for content marketing.

1. Yoast SEO

For newbies, you may not know this WordPress plugin, but for experienced webmasters, they must know Yoast SEO, which is a very useful and famous WordPress SEO plugin. It is not only a plugin helping you add meta tags to your WordPress sites, but also a full content optimization service suite which has plenty of features to assist you improve your content performance.

2. MonsterInsights

Similarly, MonsterInsights is also one of the best WordPress for Google Analytics. The plugin can help you properly install the Google Analytics in WordPress, use that tool to track your website traffic data, and then you can check those traffic data tracking reports via MonsterInsights directly from WordPress admin area.

Besides, MonsterInsights can make you understand that how your audience finds your site and how they use your content on site. MonsterInsights also provides you with the data about your top referral source, top content, most profitable pages, and so on.

Apart from saving your site traffic stats, the plugin even assist you track your user engagement. This data is very useful in creating your content strategy.

3. SEMRush

For WordPress users, SEMRush is also an often-heard name. Applied by many SEO experts, SEMRush is currently one of the best SEO plugins in the market. SEMRush can help you easily collect analytics as well as competitor insights to make you improve your SEO more easily.

Therefore, you can easily know the best organic keywords of your competitors, the way that how they obtain backlinks, and their ad strategy. Knowing this data, you can compared to yours, and find the issues or advantages of yours to further improve your content strategy.

4. Edit Flow

It is helpful to have a perper editorial workflow for creating useful content regularly. Edit Flow is the right content marketing tool for you to improve your work. Specifically, it can help you add your custom post status, give editorial feedbacks, check editorial calendar, as well as carry out your content strategy well.

If you are maintaining a multi-author blog, it is simple to reach these things.

5. Canva

Not all webmasters can make stunning images for their content, but if you have Canva, it is easy for you. The plugin can help you create wonderful images for your posts just like you are a professional without the anxiety of copyright. 

Canva include a power and intuitive image editor, which by default runs in your current browser. You can receive many customization options from Canva, such as templates, icons, graphics, infographics, and banners to help you get started. After you finish your image editing, you just need export it, and use it in your posts.

6. Ahrefs

On the one hand, this WordPress plugin can help you know how your rivals surpass your or rank higher. On the other hand, you can use the plugin to understand how you can break the rankings and go ahead in the search results. 

Ahrefs includes content research functions and keywod explorer, which together help you know which content is ranking for these keywords and the reasons. Besides, it has a useful crawler, monitoring the internet. Also, you can track backlinks, rival backlinks, search rankings, paid ad keywords, and other. All the data helps creating your content strategy.


This is a popular plugin allowing you to automate social media profile. You and use IFTTT to connect with major social media platforms and popular services and WordPress is one of them. 

After connection, you can even create applets of recipes for those services. Also, you can automatically share your blog post from WordPress site to any social networking you connected. 

8. Grammarly

In our Best Online Grammar Checker for WordPress, we have introduced this plugin for our readers. Grammarly can work in any editing area, and WordPress post editing is included of course. You can install the plugin on your site just like an add-on for your browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.

For installation, Grammarly will give you an indicator at the bottom right corner of WordPress editing area. Click on this indicator, and it will display you the error of your post. Even better, the plugin will highlight your grammar, contextual and spelling errors by using an underline.

9. Shared Counts

This plugin is always regarded as a top social media WordPress plugin, which helps you easily add social networking sharing buttons or icons in your posts. Besides, Shared Counts shows your share counts for each social media platform and the sum of your content shares.

Different from other social media WordPress plugin slowing down your site, Shared Counts has been optimized for faster speed. It can offer you’re the best social media sites as well as different button styles you can choose from for your own site.

10. OptinMonster

Over 75 percent of audiences who abandon your site and will never visit your site again. Considering this situation, you will need OptinMonster. As one of the top-notch lead generation plugins, OptinMonster can help you convert those audiences abandoning your site into your subscribers, followers and even customers.

OptinMonster will offer you great optin forms with which you can connect to your CRM software or email marketing services. Using it on your site can effectively reduce your bounce rate, improve user engagement, as well as increase email subscriptions.

11. Revive Old Posts

It is common to say a long-standing blog having many old articles lacking of updates, because of the shortage of resources and time. Actually, many of them still have value for your blog. If you can take advantage of them, then your old content can become new traffic drive. Here Revive Old Posts can help you solve this issue by automatically sharing them on your own social media platforms. 

It cannot only promote your old posts automatically to drive more traffic to your site, but also present the valuable content to your new social followers who may be interested in them.

These are all WordPress plugins we want to share with you today, for improving your content performance and helping creating better content strategy. Hope this post can really help you.

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2018-06-09 10:25
I prefer to work with Yoast SEO and SEMRush. The content marketing tools help me a lot to create a more successful website. Due to the good user experience, I would like to recommend them to those who are looking for proper content marketing tools. Trust me, the two tools won't disappoint you. 
2018-06-09 10:30
On the Internet, there are endless fresh content published every day. Thus it is important to optimize the content for the better SEO and user experience. A great many plugins are available for me to choose from for content marketing. But a choice can be made with ease thanks to your recommendations. 
2018-06-11 10:35
Though my website contains much useful content, it is important to make it known to more audience. Thus content marketing is necessary for the growth of my WordPress site. I believe, content marketing tools can help bring much more attention to my website so that I'm able to earn more money online.