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The development of the Internet has been closely combined with the development of economy and society, the safe and stable operation of the Internet has become an important factor affecting the political, economic and social stability of China. 

According to the latest data released by the domain name statistical agency, combined with user voting data of third party evaluation platform, we have sorted out the ten best domain registrars in China:


Main business: domain name registration, virtual hosting, business mail

Impression: well-known domain name registrar, regular operation.

Evaluation: it is the most famous domain registrar in China. Established in early time, it also holds the biggest number of domain in China. HiChina become one of its brands after being acquired by Ali. The virtual host and domain name business is gradually weakened as a small part of the entire product system of Ali cloud. It is expected to be completely replaced by Ali cloud in the future. Due to the lack of online service, Ali is not suitable for ordinary users to use, because it is quite inconvenient for them to get service.


Main business: domain registration, domain transaction

Impression: focus on domain transactions.

Evaluation: The number of domain that Ename holds is growing rapidly. Started with domain name trading, this company mainly faces to domain name investors. Ename is a well-known domain name trading platform in China. It gained a high popularity in domain name trading field, thus increasing the holdings of many domain names. In recent years the domain name registration rate of Ename is growing rapidly. Mainly focus on “.cn”, it has multiple official websites, also launched the domain information and domain exchange forum.


Main business: domain name registration, virtual host, cloud server, enterprise mailbox, enterprise site

Impression: well-known domain name registrar, cost-effective, good service, fast response.

Evaluation: established in 2002, focused on small and medium business customers and individual users, this company is well-known for its cost-effectiveness and service. In recent years, it has made a few breakthroughs in the domain name registration, management use, circulation and other aspects. It is well received for its stable and fast domain name resolution, reasonable price, and customer service. Also it launched some value-added services like cybersquatting, domain name trading, domain parking and so on. It was named for the Chinese five-star registration service agencies. The company has achieved a great success in the new top-level domain registration promotion. According to authority statistical ( ranks No. 9 in new global top-level domain registration service providers, which is the second in the China region, and its market possession rate in “.Wang” domain name is about 42%, ranked first in the world. In addition, “.Top”, “.Xyz” and other new domains are also among the best, the future development cannot be underestimated.


Main business: domain name registration, virtual hosting, cloud hosting, business mail, video conferencing, enterprise OA

Impression: business focus shifted, not impressive.

Evaluation: 35 Internet was founded in 2004, its predecessor is “China Channel”, also one of the earliest established domain name registrar in China. It mainly provide intelligent spam filtering system, and later began to provide other enterprise services like enterprise OA office system, has been named as “five star China Internet address registration services”. But after the listing, its product focus shifted to the phone, pad, enterprise office system business, the company is gradually shifting to the business office services business, the domain name business is gradually fade. 


Main business: domain name registration, virtual hosting, cloud hosting, business mail, information name and address, application development

Impression: moderate price, mainly focused on mobile web site.

Evaluation: is ICANN certified domain name registrar, the amount of their domain name holdings are quite large, the price is moderate. At present, its business is focused on mobile web site and enterprise mobile marketing services and other products; their own positioning is mobile application service provider. occupied the absolute market share in the field of mobile web site, but in the traditional domain field it doesn’t have that many features in either its price, technological process, or service. According to the statistics data of IDCPS , the registrations also showed a substantial decline trend.


Main business: domain name registration, website construction, virtual hosting, cloud hosting, mobile application development

Impression: positioning unclear

Evaluation: is involved in the domain name registration, cloud computing, network applications, network marketing and other aspects, but it has not introduced any impressive products. In the domain name business, the past two years, the main operators is new top-level domain. It applied for “.Top” domain name in 2012, and open to register in November 18, 2014, and it is currently one of the larger domain register in China. In terms of domain channels, the previous year, gave a very low price; the domain name retains a high amount. In the past few years, the price policy has been adjusted, there is no price competitiveness, so its market share rate is declining.


Main business: domain name registration, domain name transaction

Impression: right after

Evaluation: was founded in late 2008,it is relatively young among all the domain name service providers. is one of the main competitors to ename, mainly on domain name registration and domain name transactions. Currently focuses on the development of domain name trading business, and provides domain name intermediary services. The domain name transactions is very free, without domain name information section, their BBS popularity is relatively weak compare to ename, but many industry celebrities are gathered there.


Main business: domain name registration, website construction, cloud hosting, business mail, network marketing

Impression: the main product is site star.

Evaluation: the most impressive product of is the site star. Their marketing point is self-service website build that centered with site star. In domain name business, they launched domain name transactions using independent domain name, the specific follow-up to be observed. From the user's reflection, the advantages of is mainly concentrated in the field of self-help website bulid, but not too many features in the domain name and hosting field, the products are lack of unique feature , the price is competitive.


Main business: domain name registration, virtual hosting, cloud hosting, business mail, smart station

Impression: the price is low, the overall ability need to be improved.

Evaluation: starting with virtual hosting business, then developed domain name registration, business mail and other services. In the domain name field, the low prices is its main selling point of, thus attracts a lot of low-end users. Due to their own experience and technical limits, the gap between and the first level registered companies on both service and influence is still big.


Main business: domain name registration, virtual hosting, enterprise post office, server rental, enterprise software

Impression: early established, customer service system is small.

Evaluation: is also a relatively early established domain name registration, has won the title of “gold registration services”, but in recent years, there is no impressive action. Its domain name transfer is quick, but the parsing speed is slightly slower compare to other registrants. According to the users’ reflection, the customer experience of its official website is not good, customer service support system is small and service is not great.

Domain name management is beyond important. Under the situation of the increasing challenges of network and information security and the incoming change of international domain name system, it is more important to strengthen the domain name management, maintain the scientific development of China's domain name.

Domain name is the basic resources of the Internet; domain name system is a component of the national basic information network, and the key link in the Internet security. The most common domain name is ".com" (international) and ".cn"(China), according to the analysis of China’s domain structure, at the first half of 2015, the total number of China's domain name is 22 million 308 thousand and 200, compare to 2014, the number has increased 1 million 712 thousand and 700. ".cn" accounted for 54.9% of the total number, ".com" accounted for 37.8%.

Among all the ".cn" domain names, these ended by cn is accounted for 76%. From these numbers you can get the idea that in the Chinese market, ".cn" is the most popular domain name. But it is undeniable that with the integrating of China and the international market, ".com" has shown a great potential and rapid growth in China’s market. The growth of China's domain name number is more than 2 million annually, the prospect is very broad.

According to the Research and Development Prospect of Domain Management Industry in China (2016-2020) released by China Industry Research Network, beginning in 2014, China's domain name registration business competition has become more and more fierce, the price war has also kicked off, even “1 yuan registration” have appeared in the market. This situation greatly reduced the profitability of China's domain name management industry; the diversified development of enterprises has become an inevitable trend. With the continuous development of the Internet, the domain name management industry has a great prospect.  

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