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Whether you’re a blogging expert or just beginning your journey, at the end of the day, you want your WordPress website reliable, with quality design and good engaging. Besides, if you want your web host to take care of your WordPress site and you and your team could focus on creating high quality content, then a managed WordPress hosting service is what you need. There are not so many managed WordPress hosting in the industry, and WPEngine is proven to be a world class web hosting company with a long trail of satisfied customers.

WPEngine - a Managed WordPress Hosting Service Provider

best managed wordpress hostingWP Engine ( was founded in Texas back in 2010 and the company has a fantastic reputation as a reliable and solid managed WordPress hosting. The company is specially tuned for WordPress with good features and support. As one of the leaders in managed WordPress hosting, their customers are supported and assisted with WordPress, and most of the upkeep and maintenance is handled by the WP Engine team.

WP Engine – Highlighted Features

Wp Engine has various different features to fulfill the needs of their customers; below we have some of the important ones:

  • Backing up couldn't be any easier - Users don’t have to worry about installing backup software for their website because WPEngine handles ALL backup service for your website.
  • Hack defender! - There aren't many web hosting providers that offer good service against hackers, but with WP Engine they'll use top trusted service from Sucuri (top website malware monitoring) to scan every user and Wp Engine will un-hack their customers as part of their free service, which is great to know.
  • One click staging - Another key aspect of WP Engine is that it supports WordPress Multisite, geared towards high traffic blogs. This will enable users to manage multiple WordPress installations from a single click.
  • Specialized Evercache technology - You won’t have to use your own caching plugins because WP Engine is the only web host with in-built content delivery network and a proprietary cache technology known as “evercache technology”

If you are concerned about the page speed of your site then wpengine is the best managed wordpress hosting for that. Page speed is one of the crucial factors for high level of customer satisfaction and not to mention seo.

WP Engine - Value For Money

Price value for WP Engine is very affordable as you can see below:

  • Personal – $29 a month
  • Professional – $99 a month
  • Business – $249 a month
  • Premium – Customized plan with unlimited WordPress installs and unlimited millions of visits a month.

Users can get 2 months free for a yearly contract for all 4 WP-Engine plans by visiting this WP Engine Discount Link and they can get 2 months as free from WPEngine.

Reliable Hosting Server – 100% Site Uptime

WPEngine is committed to offering WordPress users the fastest and the most reliable hosting service. The company has datacenters globally; in the USA, Europe and Asia. The company utilizes EverCache technology to ensure your website stays safe (and active) during traffic spikes.

WPEngine guarantees a server uptime of 100%, servers with maxed out memory, full hardware RAID, and comprehensive enterprise grade architecture and firewall protection.

Top Notch WordPress-Friendly Support

WP Engine support is primarily provided via a knowledgebase - the ‘Support Garage’. However, WP Engine have telephone support provided between 9am - 6pm, CST.

Besides, WPEngine would help on all the questions related to Wordpress, which you cannot get from a traditional hosting company.

WPEngine is Best at Managed WordPress Hosting

As a leader in the industry, WPEngine offer high quality, fast and reliable Managed WordPress Hosting, which stands for the best in the industry. To learn about more details, please visit or check out WP Engine Review.

best managed wordpress hosting - wpengine

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