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For WordPress website owners, they need make sure their websites always be in a good state to keep excellent SEO effect and traffic. Sometimes, there are some tiny errors affecting your website performance such as spelling errors. In order to avoid these mistakes, we are to introduce you to use online grammar checkers for your WordPress websites. 

We know that almost all browsers include an in-built spelling check tool, while it does not check for readability or grammar. In this situation, we are to compose this article to recommend you several best online grammar checker tools for you, which are all hand-picked, based on our experience and customer reviews.

Do You Need a Grammar Checker Tool for Your WordPress Website? 

People always make mistakes, including webmasters or editors, even those most experienced ones. When you are proofreading your posts before publishing, the process often causes mini careless error for you and we are often likely to go through the pre-publish check lists as quick as possible. It is hard to make everything right one time. 

To address this problem, on one hand you can read your posts loudly. It is helpful to fix the spelling errors and grammar mistakes by listening to your voice. Also, it can help you optimize your articles at best to improve overall readability of them.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of third-party extensions and plugins to check for your posts’ grammar mistakes and readability. So, a good grammar checker plugin is almost a must for your site. With of one of good grammar checker plugins on site to detect grammar and spelling errors in posts, you can save much time spent in proofreading and improve the overall content quality of your site.

Now, let’s have a look at those best grammar checker plugins for your WordPress websites in below:


This is first one we want to recommend to you. It is a widely-used grammar checker plugin which is available as an add-on for the most popular browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Grammarly can check for your own posts’ spelling and grammar mistakes.

You can find an indicator appearing at the bottom right of editing field. Just click on it and then the tool will display all the errors in your post. Those grammar, spelling as well as contractual mistakes will all be highlighted with a red underline when you are writing. 

There is only one downside of this tool is that Grammarly requires you to switch your content to text editor to proofread. 


This is another easy-to-use grammar and spelling checker plugin, which can help you boost your productivity and promote your writing skills. Ginger is the same to Grammar available an add-on for browsers to provide you a smooth user experience. 

Also, Ginger will have a small icon appearing at the bottom right corner of your wiring fields including Facebook, Gmail, the WordPress in-built editor, and so on. Ginger can detect errors when you are typing and once there is an error, it will highlight it with context.  

However, Ginger also comes with some drawbacks. First, you have to turn to text editor in your WordPress website; second, you need to press the icon for launching Ginger editor for proofreading well. 

After The Deadline

The plugin is an extension of Google Chrome, including a built-in spelling checker tool along with the optional readability and grammar check. 

After installing “After The Deadline” in your browsers, you also need to click it on and choose options. It will open the Settings page of the add-on. On the page, you are able to select these options you are likely to use.

Clicking on its “Spellcheck” icon can allow you to run the add-on when you are composing posts. Note that icon can be founded in the editor’s bottom right corner.


Unlike the tools we mentioned above, Hemingway is a web-based text editor. It means it cannot work as other grammar checker tools that directly work inside of WordPress post editor. Hemingway has a web-based editor free of charge, which you can make full advantage of to check the readability, spelling mistakes and grammar errors for your posts.

What’s more, Hemingway is more than a grammar checker, but also can be a style checker, designed to promote your posts’ readability in the means of displaying the readability score of your posts as well as offering with suggestions for improvement. 

Hemingway provides you a simple and clean layout to help you evaluate your blog posts quickly before you publish them. 

Besides, the web-based app also can be a paid desktop application for Mac and Windows allowing you to directly post to your WordPress site.


This is a free extension for major browsers and file managers such as Google Chrome, Google Docs, LibreOffice, and FireFox. Also, LanguageTool is a desktop app and a web-based editor.

What amazing that Languages tool brings is that the extension comes with more than 20 languages’ support including English, Polish, Russian and German. For those website owners running multilingual sites and having multilingual authors, LanguageTool is an extremely useful tool.

LanguageTool has one downside that its free edition can only check up to 20,000 characters each time. Therefore, if you have huge demands for content check, you should upgrade to the paid version. 


This is a popular plugin suite for WordPress, coming with many useful modules. A core feature of Jetpack is that the plugin allows adding proofreading to WordPress post editor. 

If you need extended grammar detection, you should go to Jetpack’s “Settings” page. Below writing tab, there is the grammar, spelling, and style section. In the section, you can use various proofreading options like style rules. 

Jetpack’s downside is that the plugin requires you have accounts, and also it comes with plenty of features you do not want. 


We know that WordPress have tons of plugins and extensions available outside, so for online grammar checkers, there must be a huge number of options, not limited to what we mentioned. If you can get the right partner here, congratulations, or if have already had one, please be nice to share with us. 

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2018-04-24 15:35
You guys, I have to say, have done a fantastic job. I benefit a lot from this article with which I can better avoid the common grammar errors. After all, it is easy to ignore some errors on my own. Personally, I prefer to use Grammarly which helps me find grammatical errors, spelling errors, misused words, punctuation errors, and more. I will recommend this plugin to those who are looking for a grammar plugin. 
2018-05-08 09:23
I'm looking for a useful tool for my WordPress website where there may be some spelling errors, grammatical errors, and so on. These errors which are easily ignored will do damage to user experience and discredit my website. Your recommendations save me much time to find a proper plugin. It is really nice to meet you here!
2018-06-08 15:26
It is normal to unconsciously make some mistakes in the process to come out a new article. With the help of a good online grammar checker, I have more time to focus on improve my content quality. It can be learned from the reports where I have the need to correct. This enables me to deliver a better user experience.