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With so many PHP shopping cart products available for download, choosing one best suited for your ecommerce project can be difficult.  Following is a list of top 10 best PHP shopping cart our editors have chosen, hope it would help on making a choice within all the popular PHP shopping cart.

Best PHP Shopping Cart - MAGENTO

Magento shopping cart is a professional open-source e-Commerce solution offering unprecedented flexibility and control.  Magento in one of the world’s best sellers and has many features which makes the online purchase easy with powerful search capabilities, there are tools to retain customers using coupons, Promotions, etc.  Magento powered online stores provides customers with a rich shopping experience with a user friendly experience from shopping to checkout.


Zen-cart is built on foundation of OScommerce GPL and is very user-friendly software and can be easily installed by the users with little experience.   Zen Cart It contains loads of free add-ons to add advanced functionality to the ecommerce and focuses on the merchants and shoppers instead of the developers. Also Zen Cart is very easy to install and also supports shipping options and multiple payment, quantity coupons and discounts.


Opencart is an open source PHP based online shopping cart system.  Opencart is the very simple, easy to install and best for beginners who are trying open source shopping cart for the first time.  Also it’s easy for SEO optimization and has a very nice interface.  A great feature of OpenCart is that customers can write their own reviews of the products.  The shopping cart can be extended with advanced functionality using the Premium and Free Opencart Extensions.

DRUPAL Shopping Cart Module

Drupal Commerce is an open source e-Commerce framework that is highly popular and it built basically flexibility.  Drupal e-Commerce cart has a solid collection of E-commerce themes and that are ready to convert a website to online store.  The shopping cart presents products for purchase, keeps track of invoices, orders, receipts, payments and performs other functions needed by online merchants.

WORDPRESS Shopping Cart Plugin

WordPress E-commerce is a popular, robust e-commerce plugin for WordPress and is a great way to sell products, downloads or services online.  The shopping cart is flexible, clean, and super and has a fully responsive design with high quality plugins for creating WordPress commerce sites. WordPress commerce themes are easy to configure and offers integration options with some of the most popular and free e-commerce plugins.


Joomla shopping cart is one of the best open sourced shopping cart solutions available, there are lots of options. Joomla shopping cart options come with just about every e-commerce tool you will need to have for your online business. The Joomla Shopping Cart system is rich and user friendly eCommerce & Shopping Cart tool with rich-featured e-commerce component with an easy to use and visually appealing interface.


OsCommerce is an e-commerce online shop e-commerce solution and online store-management software program that provides a variety of features that allows online stores to be setup very quickly.  osCommerce is backed by an active and great community and supports various currencies.  The shopping cart allows customers from the order screen to print invoices, and also has an easy database backup system.


Prestashop is the very popular robust, professional grade e-Commerce shopping cart that you can download, install, and use for free.  The shooping cart allows you to sell downloadable products such as software, movies, music with the ability providing email or download link once the product is purchased.  Prestashop also features a one-page checkout to quickly purchase items and product making it user friendly to customers. In fact, users can even add their own modules to the shopping cart.


Zencart is built on foundation of OScommerce GPL.  Zencart is a free, user friendly, open source shopping cart that focuses on the merchants and shoppers instead of the developers. Zen Cart also supports most of the significant options for a shopping cart, but some of them, such as Worldpay or VeriSign payments, must be installed manually.  Zen-cart ecommerce templates engine has been around for many years in the market and offer users a start to their own online business without any problem.


Cubecart is very popular shopping cart that is very user friendly.  The shopping cart is installed quickly and is packed full of features presented with a clean layout and offers high-quality E-Commerce theme and skins.  Cubecart Integrates with a wide range of payment gateways and comes with a wide range of plugins and third party add-ons to extend the functionality.  The shopping car also comes along with SEO capabilities to improve search rankings.

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