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As an emerging business entity, you are bound to get engulfed in the basic question of the importance of small business email hosting services. In most of the cases, they assist you in taking the extensive advantage of the services without even giving a cent for appreciation.  While such unpaid options are attractive and make senses for ponying up the premium offerings, there is still various small business email hosting services which you could use for your business. It is a common knowledge that when there is a domain name, then you would be needing a good email hosting for setting up the email address.

The following are some of the email hosting services -

Gmail App For Works

 Best Small Business Email Hosting Gmail App for works is one of the unique and best business email domain for new users. It extensive features are limitless and has been known to build and create customer trust through professional email address. You have the option of creating various group mailing lists which you company may need. Plus the best part is you could check email on your mobile device even if there is no connection. The pricing of the Gmail App for works is quite affordable and there are various packages which provide a great amount of features. The common one is 10$ per month where one gets unlimited storage and vault.

Office 365

 Best Small Business Email HostingThe best thing about Office 365 is that you can use it when and wherever you want. Work at anytime and anywhere on any device and you can see the abundant of features this email hosting service has. It is your go to office where even if you are at your office or on the go, you would get familiar with the various and effective top of the line kind of productivity and unique tools.

It is a great tool for professionals and helps in creating brand for your business class email id along with the name of the country. Besides that it creates and builds name recognition and helps in marketing your business with the presences of customized and best marketing tools. This tool is available in two pricing schemes - Office 365 Business Essentials which is $5 per user for a month and the other one is Office 365 Business which is $8.25 per user each month.

Rackspace Email Hosting

 Best Small Business Email HostingThe motto of Rackspace Email Hosting has been that you can concentrate on managing your business and your email needs would be taken care by Rackspace. The extensive feature of this hosting service is that it has got a huge team of experts who work round the clock delivering the best and affordable business class emails for you. Besides it provides premium and great spam protection for your firm and helps one to enjoy a 100% uptime guarantee and fanatical support which is always there for 24x7x365.

Another advantage and feature of this tool is one can access anytime and anywhere the basic requirements of their business. Plus using Outlook you could use your mobile for accessing the mails. With regard to pricing, the Rackspace is available at $2 per month or mailbox and provides for about 200 users.

Godaddy Email

 Best Small Business Email HostingIt is common for customers to select a email address which provides a professional meaning. There are various memorable and interesting domain related email accounts and these can be commonly used for promoting the company with all kinds of messages. It is quite easy to create an unlimited email address ranging from @yourname to support@ or sales@ which can be simply delivered to a given inbox.

The pricing of the Godaddy email is quite cheap and affordable. It provides two kinds of pricing structure- Email Essentials which is available at $3.99 per each user or month and the other one is Professional Email which is available at $7.49 having 10x more storage compared to the previous pricing pack.

Zoho Mail

 Best Small Business Email HostingUsing the Zoho mail, you can have an easy control on your inbox. Just imagine how much interesting it would be to experience the charm and extensive features that Zoho mail provides. It give a combination of ad-free, minimalist, and clean interface which is quite powerful and has got the extensive features suitable for professional use and business.

The best part of using Zoho mail is it provides clean, ad-free and quick interface where there are no ads displayed and it is even present in the free plan. With regard to pricing, it provides extensive packages like premium which is available at $10 per month or user and Standard which is available at $3.5 per month or user.

Yahoo! Business mail

 Best Small Business Email HostingYahoo Business mail is a simple email hosting service which helps to create a professional identity in the day to day communication. The interesting aspect and feature of the Yahoo Business mail solution is it gives up to 1000 emails with great amount of unlimited storage for each account.

In addition, it gives a seamless access to mobile as well as the web along with free email inbox and protection from spams and virus. The pricing structure for Yahoo consist of custom mail box which is available at $34.9 for each email address and the business email box which is about $9.95 per month, along with unlimited email address.

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