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2013-07-10 12:34 Posted by: Niko Hoo in Web Hosting, Industry Review, News Go to Comment, is well-known for detailed and helpful hosting reviews and has revealed Bluehost, InmotionHosting, Hostmonster, WebHostingHub, and HostGator as the Best PHP Hosting 2013.

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development, many popular content management system like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are built on PHP. Until now, it has been powering around 250 million websites.

Currently, PHP has been widely used, while almost every web hosts offer PHP hosting in their package, but not all of them can offer outstanding service to help customers create a great PHP-based website.

From the top 5 PHP hosting mentioned above, all of their hosting solutions come with excellent quality features, reliable and very affordable.

Their unlimited PHP hosting solutions include dual 5.2x and 5.3x versions, MySQL 5, unrestricted PHP memory_limit, suPHP and Zend Optimizer enabled. With the provided cPanel, customers are allowed to auto script install, custom cron jobs, .htaccess overrides.

All the web hosts utilize the world-leading datacenters and server facilities to ensure fast PHP hosting speed all the time.  Bluehost and Hostmonster offer Content Delivery Network service to make their performance better.

In addition to quality features, they also sell the PHP hosting at affordable prices which only start from $3.71/mo, along with reliable support service and at least 30 days money back guarantee backup. InmotionHosting and WebHostingHub even guarantee 90 days full money back.

The top 5 best PHP hosting listed by were carefully reviewed according to the current hosting state, so it is risk-free to choose any of them.

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