Bisend Hong Kong Web Hosting Review

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Launched in 2017, Bisend ( is a young and lifeful web hosting provider. It partners with industry leading SSL certificate providers like Symantec, Comodo and Geotrust to offer reliable SSL certificates, collaborates with Plesk to offer exclusive Plesk control panel in web hosting plans, and purchased Hong Kong hosting provider ZhuJi91 to enrich its web hosting solutions.

Up till now, Bisend has the ability to offer customers optimized ASP.NET web hosting, Linux web hosting, Hong Kong web hosting, cloud hosting and managed WordPress hosting. Besides, various SSL certificate types from reliable brands and domain names are provided here as well. 

In the post below, we are to focus on Bisend Hong Kong web hosting to reveal if it is a reliable Hong Kong hosting providers and check out what’s new it brings to customers in plans. Growing from famous and reliable Hong Kong hosting provider ZhuJi91, we believe that Bisend can make it a better web hosting product. Let’s start from Bisend Hong Kong web hosting pricing structure. 

Bisend Hong Kong Web Hosting Review on Pricing

Bisend designs three Hong Kong Web Hosting plans for customers, and each one comes with different resources to meet different website needs. In order to welcome new customers, the company provides up to 64% off discount, enabling Standard plan starts at $2.95/mo only. The detailed pricing structure is as following:

  • Standard is the basic plan, which normally charges from $7.99/mo, while after discounting 64% off, it is as low as $2.95/mo;
  • Pro is the most popular plan, starting at $10.99/mo normally, but now it is at $5.45/mo with 51% off discount;
  • Business is the largest Hong Kong web hosting plan, which regularly charges from $19.99/mo, but now it is from $9.95/mo after discounting 51% off. 

Note: Bisend offers flexible billing plans, including 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years. The longer customers sign up for, the more discounts they receive. All these discounts we mentioned above are available when customers choose 3 years of billing term. 

Besides, Bisend wants customers to use the best Hong Kong web hosting with affordable pricing, so they can purchase Windows and Linux Hong Kong web hosting plans at the prices. Even better, customer can get a 30 day money back guarantee to protect their benefits at most. 

Bisend Hong Kong Web Hosting Review on Features

Bisend Hong Kong web hosting is available on both Linux and Windows distributions. The company ensures that customers can receive the same amount of server resources, no matter which type of Hong Kong web hosting they purchase. In three packages, Bisend offers 1 to unlimited websites, 10GB disk space to unlimited disk space, 50GB to unlimited bandwidth, and 50 to unlimited email accounts in both Linux and Windows Hong Kong web hosting. 

Redundant server resources are included to support customers’ fast-growing website demands. Besides, the company offers many popular scripts, database and email features in all Hong Kong web hosting packages. For scripts, there are various PHP versions including PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0, as well as Zend Optimizer; for Windows Server, there is ASP.NET Core 1.1+ and .NET 1.1/2/3.5SP1/4/5. So, both Linux and Windows users can get powerful and preferable scripts.

About database features, Bisend Hong Kong web hosting comes with MySQL 5.5+ for Linux Server and multiple editions of MSSQL from 2012 to 2016 for Windows Servers. What’s more, the company also provides remote database management to make database management much easier.

In terms of email features, Bisend Hong Kong web hosting can support multiple email clients such as Windows mail, Thunderbird, and Outlook, as well as includes easy-to-use features like webmail access, email forward, auto-responders, email alias, and anti-virus & anti-spam. 

Other more, there is password protected FTP access, customized .htaccess, hotlink protection, 301 rewrite, and Directory with password. All these features are to enhance Hong Kong web hosting security and access control. 

Hong Kong web hosting is easy to use, which is not only for rich website management tools, but also it does not require ICP License. About website management, Bisend offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL, Git support, website backup & restore, as well as Plesk control panel to make it website management effortless. 1-click script installer also comes to customers, allowing them to install many popular apps like Drupal, WordPress, and DotNetNuke with just one click. 

According to these details, we can easily ensure that Bisend Hong Kong web hosting is features and easy-to-use for both experienced developers and newbies. 

Bisend Hong Kong Web Hosting Review on Reliability & Speed

Generally, Bisend is now using state-of-the-art Hong Kong data centers, with fastest fibre-connection to the global including China Mainland by partnering with top bandwidth providers, to ensure fast and stable 100% network uptime guarantee to Hong Kong web hosting customers. It is evident that Bisend understand how important website reliability is to its customers, so the company makes every effort to offer highly reliable hosting services.

To be specific, Bisend takes advantage of multiple SAS 70 authenticated Hong Kong data centers to housing customers’ servers. These data centers offer redundant power supplies to those servers, ventilation, air condition, and heating within them. To ensure zero power failure under any accidents, Bisend invests in complete power management system like backup generators, large UPS, and N+1 generator structure.

Bisend totally understand the importance of network environment for the reliability of customers’ websites. To make it, the company offers three solutions: one is to use a multi-layer network to shorten network path for faster rate, lower latency and incomparable reliability; the second is to utilize parallel, redundant as well as multi-level network architecture based on multi-layered redundant core switches, core routers and carriers. 

And the third one is that Bisend has a centralized network management center to monitor customers’ servers in different data centers. Bisend’s NOC has its own Cisco certified technical support team. Staff is always on site to respond to any network cases and quickly solve them to ensure the best possible network reliability.

Bisend Hong Kong Web Hosting Review on Customer Support

Currently, customer support becomes more and more important. Bisend pays much attention to customer support because it knows better customer support, better customer satisfaction. In order to offer cutting edge support service to customers, Bisend Hong Kong web hosting has Heroic Support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Customers can contact Bisend experienced support team via Live Chat and ticket. The company also promises to respond each ticket within 30 minutes. Other more, customers can visit Bisend support center in which Bisend well-trained staff will update the latest tutorials and products information.


We have reviewed pricing structure, features, power and network reliability and speed, as well as customer support of Bisend Hong Kong web hosting, and now we have a clear conclusion that Bisend offers cheap but feature-rich Hong Kong web hosting, and even better it comes with 100% network uptime guarantee and standard customer support. Therefore, we think that customers who want to enter China’s market and other districts nearby Hong Kong should take advantage of 30 day money back guarantee and 64% off discount to try the new company’s service. 

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