Bisend Managed WordPress Hosting Review

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WordPress, being the most popular website and blog creating platform, offers customers a lot of possibilities. It is extreme flexibility and great plugin compatibilities that make WordPress such a versatile option. Along with the trend, WordPress hosting is becoming more and more popular, but to pick up one cheap, reliable and affordable WordPress hosting from thousands of options is a time-consuming task.

Recently, we find a young and vital web hosting brand, which is Bisend (, and the company offers Managed WordPress hosting that is a good option to those who have poor knowledge of coding and website management skills. Besides, Hong Kong hosting, cloud hosting, and ASP.NET hosting are available here.

In below, we are going to review Bisend managed WordPress hosting from the aspects of prices, features, reliability and speed, as well as customer support. We sincerely hope customers can understand Bisend managed WordPress hosting better and have their final decision after they read this review.

Bisend Managed WordPress Hosting is Affordable

Bisend is now providing various promotional deals to welcome new customer and thank them for trust and its managed WordPress hosting comes with massive discounts as well. In general, customers can receive up to 58% off discounts when purchasing Bisend managed WordPress hosting. We have listed the managed WordPress hosting pricing structure in below:

  • Standard—the minimal package of managed WordPress hosting regularly starts at $34.99/mo, but now it has a 57% off discount making it start at $19.99/mo only;
  • Pro—the middle plan and also the most popular package normally starts at $69.99/mo, but after discounting 58% off it is at $29.99/mo;
  • Business—the biggest package normally charges from $89.99/mo, but fortunately it now comes with 56% off discount, which makes the plan start at $39.99/mo.

Looking at the pricing structure above, we can easily find that Bisend has great sincerity to offer affordable managed WordPress hosting to customers. 

Other more, Bisend takes customers seriously, so it offers 30 days of money back guarantee, which ensures customers can get their money back if they are not satisfied with Bisend web hosting services and submit the request within the first 30 days from the date they sign up. 

Bisend Managed WordPress Hosting is Feature-Rich and Easy-to-Use

For WordPress newbies or business owners, running their websites or profitable blogs without any technical issues to waste their time is the best choice. That’s why we always recommend them to work with a reliable and easy-to-use managed WordPress hosting plan or provider. Bisend offers managed WordPress hosting so the company makes the WordPress hosting powerful and simple. Let’s check out its highlights included in Bisend managed WordPress hosting together!

Plenty of Premium WordPress Themes

Bisend managed WordPress hosting comes with different types of premium WordPress themes available, including photography themes, online store themes, business themes, eCommerce themes, Corporate themes, education themes and other more. Various premium WordPress themes available allow customers to use WordPress to make their ideas get online quickly with few clicks only.

Powerful Plesk Control Panel

Although Bisend offers managed WordPress hosting plans to customers to make sure they will not be bothered by any tough technical issues, the company still offers easy-to-use and powerful Plesk control panel in all packages, and even newbies can understand it and use it quickly and effectively. 

Plesk is one of the most popular control panels in the web hosting industry, coming with an intuitive interface so that customers can manage or make any change to their beautiful website, files, emails, databases and others in one place. 

E-Commerce Optimization

If customers need to manage online shop based on WordPress, it is easy to use Bisend managed WordPress hosting. All packages here come with free CDN and free SSL certificate. CDN service can boost customers’ website speed to provide smooth online experience to their audience, which is good to increase conversion rate. 

Also, SSL certificate can encrypt all transforming data and add a security logo on customers’ website. Therefore, it is not only to increase the security of customers’ website, but also enhance the confidence of customers’ clients when they are visiting customers’ shops on line. Finally, it is good to harden customers’ website reputation.

Apart from these highlights, in these plans, Bisend offers redundant server resources to support customers’ fast growth. Up to 100GB storage, 5 installs, and 400K monthly visit are offered with these packages. So, customers have no worry about resources outage at Bisend. 

Bisend Managed WordPress Hosting is Fast and Reliable

Bisend offers U.S. data center and Hong Kong data center options to better meet customers’ demands, because if customers’ servers are closer to customers, their websites will have faster response time. So, customers who choose Bisend managed WordPress hosting can have the multiple data center options, too. 

For example, its U.S. world-class data center is highly automated with SSAE 16 certification. It features max power load, max server load, and redundant infrastructure which includes 2N UPS, 2N utility, N+1 central chilled water plant, N+2 CRAHs, static switch PDUs, multiple communication pathways, BMS monitoring as well as control, and communication entrance vaults. 

This US data center only uses private network operations. They enable security internal communications between machines. SSL-VPN secure remote access to customers’ servers for offline administrations as well as management is offered. Besides, its private network has native multicast and unmetered transit, and up to 1Gbps connection speed. Plus CDN service, customers can fast website speed with Bisend managed WordPress hosting.

The Chicago data center also features redundant security which includes key card access, PTZ & stationary cameras, biometric access, anti-tailgating protocols, secured campus environment, 24/7 security monitoring, and man-traps. Customers choosing this data center really have no worry about their server and website security. 

Additionally, the data center has Hyper-V and VMware-certified engineers and technicians always standing by. They are always well-prepared to handle any emergencies and unexpected issues in time.

Bisend Has 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Bisend pays much attention to customer support, because the company understands that customer support now has become one of essential factors when customer are choosing a web hosting provider from a list of names. If customers buy Bisend managed WordPress hosting, it will offer customers 100% satisfaction guarantee to each of them. 

In detail, customers can receive responsive customer support which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To help customers solve problems as soon as possible, Bisend offers online live chat and email or ticket support. Of course, if the company offers 24/7 telephone support, that will be better. It means Bisend indeed has much room to grow.

Other more, customers can also deal with simple issues by themselves. Bisend creates a comprehensive online help center which includes different categories so that customers can quickly find which content block is what they need. 


According to this detailed review on Bisend managed WordPress hosting, we learn that it is a feature-rich, easy-to-use and powerful WordPress hosting. Reliable and faster performance can help customers go ahead of others when running profit websites. Also, massive discounts and standard customer support are both attractive points of Bisend managed WordPress hosting. Therefore, we sincerely recommend Bisend managed WordPress hosting to those small and middle businesses and online shop owners. 

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