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In the post Bisend vs. IXWebHosting below we are to compare Bisend and IXWebHosting from their hosting features, pricing, performance, and customer support so as to reveal the better web hosting provider for customers.

Bisend ( is fast-growing web hosting service provider, who is widely recognized for cheap web hosting products. IXWebHosting ( is a high-quality web hosting service company, offering various cheap web hosting solutions in the market.’

We know that both companies offer cheap web hosting service which focus on those small and middle businesses, personal bloggers and developers. Therefore, for these target customer groups, they must be curious about which offer better cheap web hosting services so as to get a better choice to start their own business online. 

This comparison will discuss their hosting services’ similarities and differences. You can read Bisend Review and IXWebHosting Review before jumping into the main body of the comparison.

Bisend vs. IXWebHosting – Features

We have check that Bisend and IXWebHosting both Linux and Windows hosting, but they have different types available. Bisend, as a newcomer in the web hosting offers ASP.NET hosting, Linux SSD hosting, Hong Kong hosting, managed WordPress hosting, reseller hosting and VPS; IXWebHosting provides Linux and Windows shared hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting. Now, let’s reveal their hosting features:

Shared Hosting

Bisend has many types of shared hosting, including Hong Kong hosting, ASP.NET hosting and Linux SSD hosting. So, customers can easily get the favorite web hosting types: Bisend Hong Kong hosting comes with CN2 China Mainland connections and state-of-the-art data center to offer faster more speed for customers; Bisend ASP.NET hosting comes with rich Windows features to meet developers’ demands; Bisend Linux SSD hosting is WordPress optimized and developer-friendly, too.

In these shared hosting plans, Bisend offers the same resources, including 10GB to unlimited storage, 50GB to unlimited bandwidth, 1 to unlimited websites, and up to unlimited email accounts. Besides, CentOS 7.x, free SSL certificate, PHP 7, Zend Optimizer, MySQL 5.5, and more are included in Linux plans. Free SSL, webmail, multiple PHP versions like PHP 7.x, MVC, different ASP.NET versions, ASP.NET core, Node.js, and MSSQL 2016 are offered in Windows plans.

For better usability, Bisend provides Plesk control panel and 1-click popular app installers are offered in all packages. Website backup and restore is available in ASP.NET hosting plans.

For IXWebHosting, its shared hosting is simple Linux hosting and Windows hosting, both coming with the same unlimited disk space, bandwidth and hosted domains, as well as up to 3 dedicated IPs and 2 free domains. In the aspect of server resources, Bisend and IXWebHosting give customers their best.

For advanced features, IXWebHosting provides free MySQL and MSSQL databases, unlimited email accounts, and IX web-based control panel. Compared to Bisend shared hosting features, these are not good enough to surpass Bisend.

VPS Hosting

If customers need bigger space and better privacy, VPS is a good option. Fortunately, both Bisend and IXWebHosting offer Linux and Windows VPS in the market. Bisend VPS is managed with free SSD, and has 4 plans. Customers purchasing Bisend VPS can obtain up to 8 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD disk space, and 6M bandwidth. If they feel these resources are not enough, they can utilize Bisend 1-click instant scaling feature to add more RAM, CPU, etc. 

In addition, Bisend provides traffic statistic, ready-to-code environment with all popular scripts supports, automatic backup & restore, free SSL certificate, 1-click script installer, and intuitive control panel Plesk in all VPS packages to make its VPS extremely easy-to-use and powerful. For OS, Bisend has Windows Server 2012 R2 Enterprise (64 bit), CentOS 6, 7 (64 bit) and Ubuntu 14, 16 (64 bit) offered.

At IXWebHosting, its Linux and Windows VPS plans are also available with the same package size. Up to 8x CPU cores, 2048MB guaranteed RAM, 2000GB transfer, 100GB storage, 2 dedicated IPs, unlimited domains, complete root access/ admin access are included, which are less than Bisend VPS plans’.

In terms of operating system, IXWebHosting provides CentOS, Debian, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008. Plesk and cPanel are available for customers to choose. 

In general, it is evident that Bisend has better VPS hosting with richer features than IXWebHosting. 

Bisend vs. IXWebHosting – Pricing

Bisend and IXWebHosting are famous for cheap web hosting, and they both have special deals launched. 

Bisend shared hosting comes with up to 64% off discount. Normally, the entry-level shared hosting charges from $7.99/mo, but now customers can pay $2.99/mo only to get it. Note this massive discount is available for 3 years billing period. There are more discounts offered, and customers can check out Bisend Coupon to know them.

For IXWebHosting, customers now can get an exclusive promotion that up to 71% off discount is available with its shared hosting. Regularly, its shared hosting is from $6.95/mo, but now it is as low as $1.95/mo only! Customers can read out IXWebHosting Coupon to get more information about it. Here we can see that both really offer very cheap hosting plans, and IXWebHosting is slightly cheaper than Bisend.

Other more, both web hosts provide customers 30 day money back guarantee, which makes sure that customers can ask a refund within the first 30 days from the date of signing up. 

Bisend vs. IXWebHosting – Speed and Reliability

Bisend and IXWebHosting both give their customers 99.9% uptime guarantee. 

At Bisend, no matter which shared hosting customers want to choose, they will have the right to choose their server location from the US and Hong Kong. It means customers can easily get closer to their customers and offer faster page load speed for customers. Besides powerful data centers’ support, Bisend also makes full use of rock solid servers. There are Dell and Cisco high-quality servers deployed with minimal 24 CPU cores, SSD RAID 10 faster storage and 64GB memory.

Additionally, Bisend has many security measures. It offers Rootkit, firewall settings, DDoS protection, MagicSpam and more to protect web server. Also, Bisend offers 1-click website backup and restore functionality, which just need to be scheduled. 

As for IXWebHosting, the company has its own data center, ensuring the best possible server security and data privacy. PCI-Compliant web hosting means higher-level security. Besides, dedicated malware team, admin coverage, ecommerce hackershield, McAfee secure with daily test, malware monitoring as well as spam filtering all contribute to the top-line security.

We can find that both companies take security really seriously, but we also found that Bisend has more measures taken to improve server speed and reliability.

Bisend vs. IXWebHosting – Customer Support

Visiting their websites, we know that Bisend and IXWebHosting both offer 24/7 customer support. Bisend’s customers can contact its fully trained support members via live chat, email and ticket. IXWebHosting provides customers phone, email and live chat contact methods to reach its experts. 

Besides, Bisend has FAQs under each type of hosting solutions and online help center offered to give other further help. IXWebHosting has a help center including hosting support, FAQs, status blog, tutorials, and helpdesk history, so that customers can get much helpful information.

Final Verdict – Which One is Better?

Although IXWebHosting really offers cheaper web hosting promotion than Bisend, but its hosting features are less than Bisend and its VPS hosting plans are not as good as Bisend’s. Also, for performance, Bisend is obviously faster and more reliable than IXWebHosting. About support, we think both have done good jobs. So, we recommend Bisend is the better cheap web hosting provider for customers. 

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2018-05-28 17:35
This is a troublesome situation where both Bisend and IXWebHosting seem to be a good choice. Without doubt, I have no idea where to go. After your careful comparison, I finally figure out what I can get from the two web hosts. It is Bisend that can better meet my needs for shared hosting. HostUCan does save me much time to tell the two web hosts apart. 
2018-06-05 15:43
Through the comparison between Bisend vs IXWebHosting, there is a clear winner. Bisend is more recommended based on your research and my own hosting experience. In fact, I'm one of the users who have escaped from IXWebHosting. Especially, the hosting environment disappointed me a lot. This is a lesson for me to select a web host from the market. Bisend has my attention because of the ability to provide a reliable and fast hosting environment.
2018-06-08 15:03
My eyes are focused on Bisend and IXWebHosting. But as a beginner, I have the problem to tell them apart. After reading your comparison, I have a clear idea that Bisend is a better choice. To be honest, your professionalism conquers me a lot. I really like the way you explain things. Good job, guys!