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Bluehost is a leader in the web hosting industry and its hosting services are very popular within bloggers and webmasters. Many people look for BlueHost promo code to save some when making the payment. In below, we will list out all the Bluehost promotion provided by Bluehost Management team to our visitors, which will save you most on their shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server.

BlueHost Promotion on Shared Web Hosting

For shared hosting, Bluehost is 44% off in general. However, you can follow this exclusive Bluehost promo link to receive up to 65% Off on its plus hosting package, after which the Basic solution is as low as $3.49/mo, the Plus is for $3.95/mo and the Business Pro is for $13.95/mo. Compared with basic plan, the Plus Plan is much more generous, but it only costs $0.46 more. No wonder it becomes the most popular BlueHost shared hosting plan. bluehost-share-01 Here are the most distinct differences between three Bluehost shared hosting plans:

  • Basic Plan - 1 website, 50GB website space, 5 email accounts, no marketing offer and standard performance
  • Plus Plan - 10 website, 150GB website space, 25 email accounts, $150 worth marketing offers and standard performance
  • Business Pro Plan - unlimited websites, site space, email accounts, $300 worth marketing offers and High performance

Business Pro Plan is of the richest features for including so many unlimited services. It is quite clear that Basic plan is designed for newbies or customers who just want to have a try, the Plus is for small to medium sized ordinary businesses, and the Business pro is for medium to large sized companies who want a hosting with high performance and affordable price at the same time.

BlueHost Promotion on VPS Hosting

BlueHost has 4 VPS solutions in total, which are Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate. Now, after applying the latest Bluehost VPS promo link, the first one costs $ 14.99 pre month, which is quite cheap as for a VPS hosting, and the each of the rest is $15 higher than the former. But obviously the more the plan costs, the more offerings you can get. bluehost-vps-1 Compared with shared hosting, VPS solutions are more expensive but of much more features as well. With the growing of your business, you can select among these plans accordingly and increase your server resources flexibly. We choose some highlighted features to show their specialties:

  • Standard Plan - 2 CPU, 30GM SAN,1 TB Bandwidth
  • Enhanced Plan-2 CPU, 60GM SAN, 2 TB Bandwidth
  • Premium Plan -3CPU,120GM SAN, 3 TB Bandwidth
  • Ultimate Plan -4CPU, 240GM SAN, 4 TB Bandwidth

Besides, The basic one only includes 1 IP and the other solutions include 2 IP respectively. VPS is safer and more stable than shared hosting but it indeed costs more. Since the parameters and pricing are list above clearly, you definitely can choose a perfect solution for your own websites.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Promotion

Dedicated Hosting is the most expensive one among the four types of BlueHost web hosting, but undeniably it is also the most powerful one. So what promotion we can get from BlueHost dedicated hosting solutions? Don’t be surprised about the answer. Yes, you can get 50% discount now! Start at $74.99/mo, you can get your own dedicated hosting instantly. Check out Bluehost Dedicated server now. bluehost-dedi-1

  • Standard Plan- 4 GB RAM; 5TB Bandwidth
  • Enhanced Plan- 8 GB RAM; 10 TB Bandwidth
  • Premium Plan- 16GB RAM; 15 TB Bandwidth

BlueHost Dedicated Hosting is always favored for its extreme reliability and high speed. Maybe its high performance can be explained by the 4x2.5GHz CPU for both enhanced and standard plan and 4x3.3GHz CPU for Premium Plan. By the way, standard plan was only equipped with 2x2.3 GHz CPU and 500GB storage but now it has the same CPU and storage with Enhanced plan, which means that BlueHost not only cuts the price but also improve the quality of the Standard plan. As a rule, dedicated hosting usually targets at Enterprise and large business who wants a mature and stable hosting and can afford high price. However, with this BlueHost promotion, dedicated hosting will not be the privilege for giant players any longer.

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Promotion

BlueHost guarantee customers the high speed, security and ease to use of their WordPress hosting, which are the very things concerned by clients mostly. Besides, there is a good news that the WordPress Hosting is at 50% off now! bluehost-wp-1 Owing to different offerings, the prices of the four packages varies evidently, from $12.49/mo to $85/mo. We find that BlueHost has already classify the solutions and marked the corresponding customers. For example, for bloggers they could just choose the blogger plan. I mean, 30GB storage, 2GB PAM and 5 ManageWP sites are totally enough for 100 million visits per month. In addition, all of BlueHost hosting solutions offers 24/7 customer support and 30 days full money back guarantee. If you conceal your account after 30 days, you may still get part of your money back. Therefore, we would like to say there is no high risk to order any type of BlueHost hosting solutions, not to speak of the big promotion is under way right now. If you still cannot make a decision after read through our article, why don’t you just have a quick live chat with their consultants? They are definitely willing to help you choose a suitable hosting plan.

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