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Customers are always looking for a reliable web host for their website and Bluehost, Webhostinghub and Arvixe are all large web hosting companies in the industry that provides top quality web hosting solutions. In below, we will compare Bluehost, Webhostinghub and Arvixe from performance, features, price, speed and technical support to show which one is best suited for your web site.

First you could check out Bluehost Review, Webhostinghub Review, and Arvixe Review to get some background knowledge about these companies to know services they provide, and see what their customers are saying about their service.

Bluehost vs Webhostinghub vs Arvixe – Data Centers

The data centers from all these 3 companies somehow present the best in the industry, which are backed with redundant power generators , high-powered network , uninterrupted power supply ,multi-tiered network architecture, and BGP4 smart routing technology.

All 3 data centers of Bluehost are located in Utah, and all of them are built and owned by Bluehost, which means it's relatively easy for them to upgrade the data centers with the latest technology.

WebHostingHub has two datacenters, one in Los Angeles, CA and Washington D.C, people are routed to the server close to their locations  to gain better access speed.

Arvixe use the state-of-art datacenter from Softlayer in Houston, and Dallas TX.

Bluehost vs Webhostinghub vs Arvixe – Pricing

Bluehost and Webhostinghub shared web hosting are starting at $6.99/mo regularly. They’re both offering a compelling 44% discount for starting at $3.95/mo and $3.99/mo respectively.  In fact, Webhostinghub has a promotion and customers can get their services for $1.95/month for the first 3 months and after pay $3.99/month for the rest of your term.

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Overall Arvixe offers the cheapest hosting plan with pricing starting at $2.8/month by using coupon code clue30, the regular price for their PersonalClass is $4.00/month, so that’s a 30% saving on your hosting services.

Web Host Bluehost WebHostingHub Arvixe
1 Year Term $5.95/mo $3.99/mo $3.5/mo
2 Year Term $4.95/mo $3.99/mo + $1.94/mo first 3 months $2.8/mo
3 Year Term $3.95/mo $3.99/mo + $1.94/mo first 3 months $N/A
Claim Deal Claim Deal Claim Deal

Bluehost vs Webhostinghub vs Arvixe – Hosting features

Both Bluehost and Arvixe provide Reseller hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated server hosting services, while Webhostinghub only provides shared hosting.

Both Bluehost and Webhostinghub shared web hosting is 'unlimited'. Webhostinghub is mainly designed for PHP & MySQL websites.  Bluehost is quite comprehensive as they deliver the latest version of PHP, Perl, Python, FastCGI, Ruby on Rails, MYSQL, PostgreSQL and complete SSH access.

Arvixe provides more general hosting features compared with Webhostinghub which include: Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Data Transfer, unlimited ftp, 1 free domain for life, 6 domain websites and many more.

At sign up, Webhostinghub gives new customers $200 worth of free marketing in Google/Twitter/Bing/Yahoo, while BlueHost and Arvixe limits its marketing credits to $100.

Overall Bluehost offers more rich features for websites developed by almost all the latest cutting-edge technology.

Bluehost vs Webhostinghub vs Arvixe – Technical Support

Bluehost and Arvixe both provide good technical support – 24/7/365 live chat, phone and email support. They also include the online Support Center in the official site.

Webhostinghub technical support is more effective, fast and guarantees phone holding time and live chat response time are less than 30 seconds, and the email responds less than 12 hours. With Webhostinghub users can get effective and professional help anytime.

How to choose, Bluehost, Webhostinghub, or Arvixe?

It’s really hard to say which one could surpass the other two on all areas above, but in general, we feel Bluehost is the best choice among them for its rich features, affordable price, and reliable server. It's also considered as one of the most technical IT companies in the industry. WebHostingHub is a good alternative for Bluehost if you are individuals or small businesses, the server from WebHostingHub is really fast and their customer support is also awesome. Arvixe is less technical company but offers cheap hosting service as well as high end hosting solutions like VPS and dedicated server, it's still great but its server speed is not as fast as Bluehost and WebHostingHub, but it's good enough to support a personal site.

No matter which web hosts you choose, don't forget to use our exclusive promotion linke to save big when subscribing to their service.

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