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ASP.NET 4.5 – Security Improvement
Security Improvement is always important and now the .NET 4.5 framework was launched a few months agRead More>>
ASP.NET: The Performance
ASP.NET mission is for performance benefits over other script-based technology (as Classic ASP) by oRead More>>
WordPress Security Threats That You Should Watch Out For
Online security is very important and it’s something not to be taken lightly, so making sure your WoRead More>>
How to Limit WordPress Access To Logged-In Users Or by IP
WordPress has over thousands of plugins to restrict your limitations to websites in several of ways.Read More>>
How to Break a WordPress Install And Fix It Again
Although WordPress is a power CMS platform sometimes it can fall victim of hackers fiddling with setRead More>>
Disable PHP Execution in a WordPress Directory
In WordPress sometimes access files disguise themselves in your directory: /wp—content/uploads/ or fRead More>>
Best PHP Shopping Cart
With so many PHP shopping cart products available for download, choosing one best suited for your ecRead More>>
How To Find The Best PHP Hosting via HostUCan
PHP is a server-side scripting language and is used to enhance and produce dynamic web pages. The PHRead More>>
How to Find and Install a Wordpress Theme
WordPress Theme system is more than just a "skin" for your blog, it can provide much more control ovRead More>>
How To Find The Best WordPress Hosting via HostUCan
No matter you’re new to web hosting or an experienced webmaster, it can be frustrating when looking Read More>>
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