City of Oakland Website Goes Down as Domain Name Expires

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The website for City of Oakland was down this Thursday. Several internet users found the website not working as the domain was not renewed. Web hosting providers and domain registrar send continuous reminders to their users, reminding them to renew their domain name. This however is not a compulsion by them and is completely upto the users whether or not they would have the websites renewed. Such a situation arose when the City of Oakland failed to renew their domain making it completely inaccessible for the users.

East Bay Times was the first to mention about this service disruption in the website of City of Oakland. All those who attempted to look up the website landed on domain name page of registrar Network Solutions. The page also contained the option to renew on the top right corner of the page. 

Although the issue was detected immediately and the domain name was renewed in no time, there were many users who were still not able to access the website when it started.

Spokeswoman for the city, Karen Boyd said  “depending on where you try to access it, you may have different levels of success.” It takes time to propagate to all the servers she added. The problem was acknowledged by the city on Twitter many hours after the problem started. Tweets continued to pour in even on Friday as many people were still unable to access the website.

Even though is a website that is not as something which is desirable it might have been possible that someone would have taken the website by the time the city renewed it. There are several opportunists who look forth to such mishaps and take advantage. There aren’t quite important services which the website provides to its users and visitors so an outage doesn’t mean there was any business loss. However, there were many users who were looking forward to get a parking ticket around the city for them or to quickly run over what was happening around the city in the news section.

The City of Oakland has been moving its data to a new website which is available on which showed no problems and continued to work even when the initial website was down. 

The Website of City of Oakland

There are five tabs on the homepage of the website – Home, Residents, Business, Visitors and Government.

Home: The Home page consists of all the latest news that is happening around the city of Oakland. There are different sections where one can pay for a parking ticket, renew their permit for residential parking, pay garbage bills and so on. There is a search section which says city directory that will give you the numbers for companies, shops or businesses. There is also a small section which shows job opportunities.

Residents: The residents section has been exclusively designed for all Oakland residents. This section basically provides one with links to different services, after school programs, trainings, jobs, safety for the people and much more.  These links are all connected to the daily requirements of a human being and all that is available in Oakland.

Business: For all those who are looking forward to work out something for them by starting a business here this tab is perfect for them. It is a guide on how things work in Oakland. There are several links which help individuals understand how business can be done here. Other links guide you to how you could take loans for business, pay your business tax, recruit and train people etc. There are links which guide you about Oakland’s Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Business Development Corporation etc.

Visitors: Oakland is a beautiful city with a Mediterranean climate. There are several beautiful parks, lakes, historic places, restaurants with yummy food, several sports and a happening night life. All those who intend on visiting Oakland can go through the website and under this tab one would find link to all the places that they can visit. They would have a better understanding once they read and know about the place and then decide for them. All the links have been divided in order so there is no confusion about which link to select. There is a section for transport where the necessary links lead to different modes of transport. One can select the choice of transport and book it online too.

Government: The city government section holds all the links to the various offices. From Police Department of the city to the Fire Department every office link has been uploaded here.

The Oakland website is being moved to a new website and is being designed to make it look better. Although it is open the work of the site is still in progress. 

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