Cloud Computing Technology Promotes China’s Digital Transformation

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Being a Research Director on the well-known Gartner Data Center Research institute, Evan Zeng spends halftime on doing TSP vendor research while spending another halftime on end-user research. In addition to data center as well as cloud infrastructure, his research also pays attention to how the technologies promote digital transformation. 

Recently, Mr. Zeng has shared points of view on cloud computing market through the mass media. According to Zeng, cloud computing offer computer resources using different service forms, which gives users as well as enterprises an intelligent way to use IT resources. 

China’s Cloud Computing Has Unique Particularity

Chinese cloud computing market has witnessed an explosive growth in the past year. But Evan Zeng believes that it’s still not a mature cloud computing market yet. From the perspective of cloud conversions for IT consumption, the global cloud conversion for IT consumption reached 12% in 2014 and is expected to increase to 24% by 2020, which is much higher than China’s 4.3% and 12.2% respectively. 

It is easy to find that there is still room for maturity of Chinese cloud computing market. In other words, the market has great potentiality. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is the fastest-growing segment in recent Chinese cloud computing market. Evan Zeng stated that the market is ready to face stiffer competition in the following years as more and more new players are entering into cloud businesses. 

In terms of how to stay competitive in the cloud computing market, Evan Zeng believes that vendors need to enlarge the market size while having superior understanding of next-generation product and service in addition to a group of sticky customers. Meanwhile, it is also important to have the foresight to predict the future market. It is necessary for every cloud computing vendor to develop and launch new products and services based on their understanding of the market. Once there is any mistake about the market direction, there can be no game. 

Particularly for Chinese cloud computing providers, Evan Zeng thinks that a great cloud computing provider is always closely linked to a domestic giant market. Since there is still no powerful domestic market now, Chinese cloud computing vendors have to improve competitiveness for standing out from global competitors.

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