Cloud Storage Vs External Hard Drives

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Cloud storage is a service that is used to store and manage your data remotely. The data is served to its respective owner through internet. It is an online storage media. External hard drive is an offline media device that delivers high capacity media storage. The data is stored and retrieved from an external hard drive through a data cable connection bridge. A special data cable serves this purpose. If you are reading this particular post, you are surely to get yourself confused about which one is good for keeping your data backup. And who can be labeled as a winner in cloud storage backup vs. external hard drives. 

Well, our answer is- “both”. Yeah! They have their own advantages and disadvantages over each other. You can’t really decide a winner unless you have a special requirement for your backup. It depends on your requirements that which one suits you the best.

Here are some situations in which cloud backup wins in cloud backup vs. external hard drives battle.  

Why to use cloud backup?

1.Protection and security:

Almost any cloud service provider is able enough to protect you data from threats such as fire, floods, virus, hard drive failure, theft, etc. If anyhow, your laptop gets stolen, they will take your hard drive also unless you have stored it on other media. In case of disasters such as fire or flood, your hard disk will get destroyed with your pc, if not stored on the different places. It is good to backup your valuable data on storage clouds for maximum protection. 


Once you have uploaded your data to cloud storage, it is very easy to access your data. You can access it from any device like mobile, laptop or tablet that has internet connectivity. Some apps are also used to make it easy to upload and download documents or files from cloud storage. 

As long as you can connect to internet, you data can be accessed at any time and from any place in the world, since internet is everywhere, now days!

3.Easy Sharing:

Unlike offline storage media, you don’t have to transfer the data manually to someone’s device to share it with them, nor need you to send the data through email. You can simply provide them a link to your cloud storage. They can visit to download the linked data. In this kind of access, user is not allowed to make any changes or delete the data permanently from cloud storage, so security is not violated.

4.Multiple Access:

It is easy to share rights for uploading and deleting with multiple users. Multiple users are allowed to edit data in cloud storage if they have certain rights. This allows fast sharing between selected users. For instance, two software developers can use cloud storage to share data rather than emailing it daily. This feature makes the process of sharing really fast if the number of users are limited.

5.Free service:

There are many cloud storage vendors that allow you a limited storage space for free. It is around 10 to 15 GB. It is more than sufficient to store personal documents. If you need more storage space, you can simply use multiple accounts, each with 10 to 15 GB. You can also use their paid service which will allow you more data space in the change of money you paid to them.

Now let’s have a look at the situations when external hard drives have a upper hand in cloud backup vs. external hard drives.

Why to use external hard drives?

1.It’s offline:

If you don’t have an internet connection, it is not possible to access data in your cloud storage since their service is online only. Unlike cloud storage, external hard disk provide you the accessibility to your data at any time without internet connection. It is not hard to carry an external hard drive with your laptop since it is not even 500g. 

2.More storage:

In cloud storage service, you will get only a few GB per account. A hard drive will offer you 1TB storage space which is almost 1024GB. You can get a 1TB hard drive with multiple read nodes for 60$ only these days. If you are fond of downloading stuff like movies, TV shows, music and other stuffs like that, you will require a lot off capacity which cloud storage can’t offer. And who wants to upload the stuff after downloading it?


Even though cloud storage providers offer a multi level security from threats like cyber attacks and natural disasters, it is not impossible for someone to hack into your account and steal your important data; they can even destroy it and load your cloud space with loads of useless junk data. It is not the case with hard disk. And how can you trust a provider that won’t even tell you how and where your data is physically stored. 

4.Your private cloud storage:

Some hard disk drives allow you to access data that is stored on them anywhere. This process is possible wirelessly using internet. It is useful when you need to access TV shows or your videos on your TV. You can also access the content when you are not of. It is very similar to cloud storage and you know where your data is actually stored. You can protect it your way. Price range for this kind of hard disks starts from 130$. Yes you have to pay double than a normal hard drive but the money you pay will totally worth it.


Considering the points above, it is clear that who wins the battle between cloud backup vs. external hard drive. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hard drives are more secured with a considerable amount to be paid and cloud storage vendors provide their limited services for free. It depends on your requirements that which one suits best for you. So you better understand your requirements properly before going ahead for any one of them. For more useful tips, please visit

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