CloudFest China 2018 will be held in Shanghai at the end of June

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As we all known, CloudFest is the complement to WorldHostingDay in China, the biggest cloud computing meetings in Europe. Since its launch, CloudFest has been existed for 13 years and is already the most famous brand in cloud computing and Internet industries around the world.

In 2018, CloudFest will replace WorldHostingDays as the new name in the process of transformation and innovation to keep up with the market development. As you can see, CloudFest China2018 will jointly be held by WorldHostingDays and HostUCan. From June 27th to 30th, operators, IDC providers, IaaS/ PaaS / SaaS providers, software and hardware manufacturers, system integrators, independent software developers and Party A enterprises and other relevant people in the industry will come to Le Meridien Sheshan Shanghai Hotel to explore the new trends of cloud computer industry. Just like last year, knowledge sharing and social networking and entertainment will be the key of CloudFest.

Keyword: ecological connection and industry win-win

In 2018, the committees of CloudFest and Namescon will bring you different experiences from last year in the meeting. At that time, CloudFest China and Namescon China will be held at the same time in same place but with different rooms, which means you will have the opportunity to share the same room with different hosting companies, domain name registrars, distributors, end users and other famous companies and people in the industry, discussing the development of Internet’s ecosystem. It will a big comprehensive platform connecting the upstream and downstream of Internet industry chain, giving participants an opportunity to communicate with each other closely and search for the chances of business cooperation more efficiently.

Keyword: knowledge sharing

CloudFest China2018 will focus on the development and use of cloud service industry and leaders in industry and some participants will be invited to share their predictions of cloud trend and cloud practices, analyzing cloud security trends and exploring innovations and operations and development.

Since it first lands in China in 2013, CloudFest has been successfully held in Shanghai and Beijing. Speakers in CloudFest China2017 included Liwei, engineer and manager of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Liyuhang, chief security expert of Huawei and acting president of CSA in Asia, Zhangjianchuan, director of the cooperation center of ICANN in Beijing, Jinge, vice president of Alicloud, Zhudalin, senior analyst of Yiguan, Diarmuid Daltun, CSO of Plesk, etc.

Discussion section that is very important to CloudFest will also be included in 2018. In addition to this, ‘Yunjue Prize’,a prize for the organizations which have contributed a lot to the development of cloud computing industry, will also be included to promote the development of cloud computing industry.

Keyword: social networking and entertainment

CloudFest China is also a communication event for business people in cloud computing industry! Just like last year, CloudFest.connect——a function to communicate online with business people——will be launched two weeks before the event. It can help participants communicate with each other easily, making it possible to cooperate with others; importantly, all participants can use this function for free.

CloudFest China2018 will kick off at the relax and happy atmosphere with Come2Gather, a welcoming cocktail party, held in the evening on 27th. At that time, everyone is welcomed to celebrate the opening of the event with the partners of CloudFest China & NamesCon China. During that party, everyone can chat with thier old friends and make new friends when drinking.

Apart from business communication, entertainment is another part that participants cannot miss in CloudFest China, which will be held at Le Meridien Sheshan Shanghai Hotel, one of the most famous resort hotel in Shanghai and located in Sheshan, Songjiang district, Shanghai. Besides, a “Shenshan morning run”event will take place on June 28th, so everyone is allowed to enjoy “natural oxygen bar”and breathe the fresh air. With the beautifull sunshine, they will welcome another new fresh day together! Moreover, a dedicated “VIP Dinner”for VIP guests will be carefully prepared to pursue a journey with delicious food and beautiful music!

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