.Com vs. .Net – What Are the Differences between Domain Extensions

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I believe that there are still a great number of users who do not know the .com and .net domain name extensions’ differences. However, for each website owner, it is substantially important to choose a right domain name for your online business goal. It is because your domain name can impact on your site content search rankings and business branding. 

To help more users to understand the differences between .com and .net domain extensions, we will compare them and help you get the best one fitting your goals better.

About .Com & .Net Domain Name Extensions

You would have learned that your domain name is actually your site address on the Internet, so that your audience can type it into their browser address bar to visit your site. When you are registering your domain name, you can find there are many extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .top, and more.

You are free to select the domain name you among those extensions for your site, but you also need to know that these domain extensions are for distinguishing different website types. Because of this, you need be more careful to choose one fitting your site or business best, so that it can help you create a noticeable brand and the authority in your niche. 

Knowing this fact, we are to lead to figure out the differences between .com and .net domain extensions to get the better choice for you.

Differences Between .Com & .Net Domain Names

.Com and .Net are currently most used domain name extensions. Usually, the first option goes to .com, but if it is not available, and then most domain name generators will turn to .net as your alternative.

Nevertheless, .Net is not always the most perfect domain name extension alternative for most business websites.

The .Com domain name extension always represents the commercial ones. It does include every business website which pretends to make money on the internet, the portfolios, personal sites, blogs, and the likes.

On the other hand, the .Net domain name extension normally represents the “network”, which is usually suggested and ideal for email, internet, as well as the networking services providers.

Different domain name extensions have different target websites to fit, so it is important to choose your domain name extensions for your specific websites.

When to Choose a .Com Domain Name?

According to statistics, there are close to 46 percent of registered domain names are using .com as the domain name extension, which brings .com to represent the internet.

The wide popularity of .com domain name extension makes the domain names with that extension much easier to remember. Also, because of this, those .com domain names can also make it easier to brand, improve, promote as well as help grown your online business.

No matter which type of business site you intend to make, you should stick with the .com domain name extension. It helps to give your site a much familiar online address and also establish a more professional impression of your business brand.

However, the great popularity also generates an issue of this .com domain name extension. It is that you will be more difficult in find one proper, good domain name available. Fortunately, there is always a way out. Here we list some useful tips for you to select a perfect .com domain name:

  • It should represent your online business or what you are to do with your site. For instance, bigcheaphosting.com is the one giving visitors the best cheap web hosting providers they can trust. 
  • When you encounter that your favorite one it not available, you can get one very similar to it by adding small words after or before it, which is to make it more unique. 
  • Your domain name need be pronounced easily. So, do not include any numbers or hyphens in it.
  • Make full use of the domain name generators online, which are free and very helpful with coming up with the very clever, unique ones still available.

When to Use .Net Domain Extension?

As we mentioned that the .net suggests to networking, email hosting, internet, DB hosting, and other similar services online. Of course, you can choose .net domain name as if the one can fit your business brand. But it requires you to deal with marvelous marketing practices to make your brand standing out of the crowd.

Currently, there are 4 percent of registered domain names with .net domain name extension. It is not as common as .com. domain name extension. .Net and others are always presented by domain name registrar as the alternatives to the .com. So, it makes you feel that .net is more frequently used that the domain name extension actually is.

At the very beginning of .net domain name extension creation, it is the one for the networking and Internet services providers. There are still many worldwide known internet corporates still using .com domain names for their business. For example, if you visit the site Comcast.net, it will take you to their new site with .com domain name extension.

There are still many businesses using .net domain name extension for their online business brand, which can prevent some others from infringing on their brand name. Also, when customers can’t get the preferred .com one for their brand, they also choose to use .net as an alternative. However, most of these companies will soon transfer their domain name extension to a .com one and they also remain the .net one for the legal and technical reasons.

Com vs. Net – Which One is Better for SEO?

Now, if you still hesitating to choose one from .com and .net which can help you rank higher, we will answer you that both of them will not impact on your site SEO effort. The current search engines will all regard them as the same. So, what you need to do to improve your SEO is to simply focus on the best SEO practices and only offer the best useful content on you site for target groups, which help you get higher rankings.

The real significant section is the domain name actually, instead of the domain name extension. 

We have introduced the differences between .com and .net and when to choose them for your brand. It will be good that you can learn real things from this comparison, and help you get one perfect domain name for your site.

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