Confirmed! Microsoft Spring Launch is in New York City on May 2

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Microsoft spring even has been the host discussion for several weeks, and this Wednesday Microsoft began to send out official invites via email to analysts, press, and the other guests, meaning the final answer was confirmed that the hot Microsoft Spring Launch, the Microsoft EDU event will be on May 2 in New York City. 

However, Microsoft keeps the event a sense of mystery, so even the official invites do not mention about any other specifics about the Spring event but only the location and the date. Nevertheless, we learn this Microsoft Spring Launch event codenamed as “Bespin”. 

Even though the company did not reveal any details about the Spring Launch event, the industry also made some guesses. The most popular speculation about the event is around the devices that Microsoft will discuss. 

New Surface or Surface Pro and Windows Cloud are Coming?

This software and hardware launch even is affirmed to get underway at 9:30AM ET on May 2. The official email invite leads with “Learn what’s next”, which presents a subtle clue that this event may pay most attention to education. So, people are all expecting Microsoft will launch Windows Cloud, and this is hottest guess. Windows Cloud is supposed to the lead in term of software. Then, what about the hardware?

The industry guesses that the Spring Event will be a good occasion for Microsoft to unveil its Protect Scorpio’s final design. Although Project Scorpio is definitely not completely unveiled, the company has ever said that it is going to provide some details about it before. There even has a speculation that Microsoft will show Xbox Scorpio for us as least!

Additionally, according to resources, Microsoft is working on new Surface devices as well, which means there is also a possibility of issuing new Surface or new Surface Pro. Moreover, there is a guess that the company is going to offer a specialized tablet or laptop which is possibly designed to education users. Thinking about the Windows Cloud issue possibility, the educational device is likely to the Windows Cloud’s driver. 

Well, even though there are some speculations about Surface Phone, we still think it is too early for the oft-rumored product to be released.

About Windows Cloud

Although these rumors are just the speculation that people in the industry made, if Microsoft postpones the Windows Cloud issue, it will be a shock as well! Joe Belfiore has officially declared that he would return to Microsoft, and he talked about the necessary that Microsoft challenge Chromebooks in education market. 

Actually, Windows Cloud is actually not a cloud-based operation system but a lighter version of Windows 10 running exclusively on UWP applications. Microsoft universal platform enables the same applications to run across PC and mobile both, so the company can provide full apps on Windows Cloud. 

In a word, Microsoft EDU event is a high-profile even in the industry. Let’s Look forward to it!

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