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We always want to gain more traffic through content, but its not as easy as it sounds. How can a webmaster optimize their content? While optimizing your content,you should always ask yourself: how can I attract users? Or what do users really want? Maybe its difficult for you to create great content. Below we have provided several suggestions on optimizing your content:

Focus on your audience needs

content-optimization01. Communicate with customers directly. There are many ways that you can contact your customers,such as email, Facebook, Twitter, blog post, comments, and so on. Ask them what they want, get their ideals , and write for them.

2. Data analysis.Collect data online, dig into your analytics, and you will find what are most people searching for. Even for your title, you should know people’s search habits deeply.

3. Look at what is shared on social media. Since large information has been shared on social media, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of this. Find out what people shared, what kind of terms and lingo they use, and pay close attention to your competitors. All of these will help you do a better job.

4. Offline search. Browse magazines or newspapers regularly. This can be another way to help you find audience wants.

5. Compare with your competitors. Find what your competitors have,and create a better version. If your competitors just have a video, and you find audience preferring a text version, just do your text.

There maybe many other ways which help you find your audience wants. Whatever, just make useful of ways in your daily life.

Develop global thinking

When you are creating content, think locally,then add some information about how it’s relevant for a broader region. For example:

You run a local mobile dog grooming business where your usual thing is to park at ten major spots in your small town and have customers bring their dogs to you. You create a local app that tells customers where the current closest parked location is to them, and if they check in there on Foursquare, they get 10% off.

You can write a story about this app and tell people why you work here. This may be more attractive to local people,and more click rates could come into being.

Remember creating content for your existing customers

Its not easy to own regular customers for your business. Some businesses are brilliant at keeping their existing customers happy, but many others forget that you have to work to keep people loyal. For example, you give new customers a 20% off coupon, and you should find these people who are always here all the time and give them the same or lower discount. While looking for new business, don’t forget your existing customers that you already have.

Be active to promote your content

Even if someone is not your target audience, you can still put the content before their eyes because they may be interested in your content or even share it to friends. Sharing means more links and more visibility. If you want to know audiences ideals and get feedback information, just let them know, instead of hoping they will follow up themselves. Also,use social media to get your content in front of people instead of hoping they’ll happen on it.

Always remember that your content is for your audiences not for others. High quality content can always attract more people and make more links to your site. It is never too late to create content to get links,and just start now!

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